Carolyn Murphy Becomes the New Legend of Fur Firm BlackGlama

The in the Great Lakes region of North America has the largest group of Lakes of fresh water around the world. These five lakes affect the climate and, in winter, evaporation caused by the winds of the West produces heavy snowfalls. In these wetlands, with lakes or rivers with water uncontaminated lives a black mink, of size larger than the European.

BlackGlama is the name of an American firm that represents the members of the Association of the mink’s Great Lakes (GLMA) that, as I said before, it is mink black finest and best quality around the world.

In the year 1968, ASEAN’s retained the services of a small New York advertising agency to help them promote the quality of their skins. Jane Trahey copy the name came up in the Mark BlackGlama.

But how could advertise something as special as the skin of a black mink? The luster and the quality of the skin it is not easy to highlight through a photograph. Then, Jane a great idea occurred to him: an advertising campaign whose claim was: “What Becomes a Legend Most?”, What translated could come and say something like “what is making that something might become a legend?”

And to illustrate this, he encouraged the firm to boasted the faces of big celebrities as Diana Ross, Elisabeth Taylor, or Audrey Hepburn to make them their ambassadors while posed in the Visual campaigns looking spectacular creations of BlackGlama, which then gave them (by which all immediately accepted when they proposed it).

The difference between those first campaigns and which today we present – signed by the photographer Rocco Laspata, with a Carolyn Murphy as absolute protagonist, combed and made-up by the famous stylist Bob Recine-, is that this last is a story telling seems to relate a tale of Christmas in the manner of Eugenio Recuenco or Tim Walker.

The scene takes place in a majestic room where the fireplace and furniture style Napoleón III are covered in frost, giving life to a modern Ana Karenina wearing cuissardes, mink coats adjusted at the waist by a wide belt, modern jackets hooded mink despinzado of the most trendy or layers short, 1970s, with strips of mink placed in landscape interspersed with the same tone leather.

Rocco Laspata fotografio Carolyn Murphy in a set designed by María Howard on the docks of the 59 studies of New York.

‘Snow Business’, the company’s special effects won an Oscar for his work in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” was responsible for surrounding Carolyn Murphy a snow and a frost, after covering the ground, seemed to want to climb the walls covering to the mirrors. The effect was as if the protagonist of this campaign to enter into a World of Ethereal and dreamlike, frozen in time.

Although in the beginning, BlackGlama firm was among the first to want to associate with celebrities, it seems that they have opted to turn to its strategy of communication by means of this type of campaigns more in line with the new sensitivity of the fashion world. Do you like?