Cartier – the Great Master of Jewellery and Watches

A Cartier tiara dating back to 1937. The piece was produced on the occasion of the coronation of George VI..

Cartier - the Great Master of Jewellery and Watches

The glittering Panther by Cartier is a majestic animal and has refined sensual life already many royalty and movie stars. Until today, the House is Cartier on the top of the Juwelierolymps to find – as a symbol of Royal beauty.

Prince of Wales and the future Edward VII., which once made Cartier with his compliments, was not the only Royal admirer of House Cartier in 1847 has written an inimitable history since its inception. As Louis Francois Cartier (1819-1904) of jeweller’s art turned, nobody suspected that the talented Goldsmith soon would become the most sought-after Parisian jeweler. The fact that he discovered by Princess Mathilde, a cousin of Napoleon III, was certainly helpful. in 1874, Louis’ son Alfred took over the jewellery workshop. His sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques expanded the family business into a global empire with passionate usage. Through their extensive travels, they took a foot in the Russian Empire, created contacts to the Indian Maharajas and conquered America along with Broadway and Hollywood.

Santos by Cartier: the First Pilot’s Watch of World

After Louis Cartier Alberto Saints-Dumont developed a watch for his friend who could rise to the demands of the adventurous flight pioneer, the first “Santos” sealed the commercial production of wrist watches by Cartier in 1911. It emerged branches throughout the British Empire, in the Persian Gulf, Cannes and Monte Carlo. Until 1968, House Cartier by a family-owned company has evolved into a huge multinational organization with unprecedented levels of symbolic value.

Cartier, the Supplier of the Royal Houses

The 15 letters of patent obtained in 1904-1939 established Cartier as the supplier of various Royal houses. Specialized in the production of precious Diadems, Cartier adorned not only the heads of European monarchs. 1926 Cartier for the Maharajah of the former princely state of Kapurthala an ornament-part headpiece from 19 rare deep sea-colored emeralds produced, including a rare copy of 117,40 carats.

Cartier Engagement Sealed

In his special position, House Cartier accompanied epochal great love stories at close range. “We are ours now” Edward VIII. let 1936 in Wallis Simpson’s engagement ring engraved, for which he renounced the throne of England. The Emerald is processed by 19.77 Carat should protect marriage as a symbol of hope. in 1956, Grace Kelly in her last screen appearance presented her engagement ring with Emerald-cut by 10.47 carat. She polished him while in bed lying with a silk sheets. 2011 Kate Middleton wore a Cartier tiara from 1936, which was originally designed for the future Queen Elizabeth.

“Panther” – the Famous Creative Director Jeanne Toussaint Cartier

The nickname “Panthers” Creative Director Jeanne Toussaint (1887-1976) brought feline elegance in the company. The feline logo appeared for the first time on a wristwatch, the Panther head to the stone facing has been interpreted on the 1914. Cartier was henceforth not only one of the first companies that used Platinum, but served also as the first jewellery manufacturer’s trademarks. The feline manifested feminine temperament and before-gardism on numerous pieces of Cartier jewellery and accessories. in 1948, a three-dimensional Panther decorated the brooch of the Duchess of Windsor, who then gave a more brooch with a white fellow in order: on a Sapphire cabochon of more than 152 carats. Later, her collection with a fully mobile Onyx was completed covered animal that was able to fit around the wrist of the wearer. More treasures known as jewelry sculptures, were soon lovers – and collectibles.

Trinity and LOVE by Cartier

Done by Agile realism of nature, the Jewelers Cartier demonstrated their skills motifs continue with numerous flora and fauna. Technical and aesthetic challenges were resolved in delicate and sometimes moving flowers, dripping nectar beads and anatomically versed designed animal figures. The 20th century brought the collections of Trinity in the 1920s and LOVE in the 1970s that proved that Cartier could – be practical and modern party-party jewelry lovers however to lose the magic of refinement. Today, even the iPhone seems to remember 5 s in a sense the LOVE collection.

As responsible and traditional company employs and educates Cartier until today savvy champion in different disciplines of jewelry and stone processing. You are just like the Cartiers famous solitary, exquisite unique pieces in the jewelry market.