Casio Smart Watches 2016

Casio will invest in 2016 the smart watches segment, following many actors of watchmaking as Swatch, Tag Heuer and Victorinox.

Casio has any legitimacy to invest the ground of the connected watch. The Japanese brand has often innovated in the field: for example,

she was the first to release a model combining analog and digital display, in 1982, and the first to get a GPS watch in 1999. His first digital watch was launched 40 years ago!

A Simple But Technological Watch

Not illogical that the brand, which also produces digital cameras, of the pockets PC, musical instruments, calculators, is interested in the smart watches. Of after the Wall Street Journal, it will enter the market next year.

And his smart watch (may be a variation of his famous G Watch range) will be a LED watch above all with smart features, rather than an intelligent terminal which is incidentally a watch. “We are trying to design the ultimate Watch: a solid, easy to carry and fun product to use”, summarizes Kazuhiro wristwatches, the new president of the company, son of one of the four founding brothers of the company.

Casio promises out a smart watch at a price accessible, close to that of the cheapest Apple Watch model (a little less than 400 euros).

More Competition

The segment promises to be more responsible: before Casio, Swatch, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and even Victorinox, among others, have announced that they planchaient on smart watches models. LG, Huawei, Samsung and other electronics giants also prepare new generations of connected watch.