Chanel Haute Couture, the Great Theatre by Karl Lagerfeld

The parade of the “Kaiser’s fashion”, was held on July 2 in an unrecognizable Grand Palais, become a stage that lets see a futuristic city and ruin. Too staged for a collection that defrauded the majority and the qualifier is not deserved of Haute Haute Couture.

In a palette that runs from the white whiter to the Black Black, passing by a decline of gray, dark blue, beige, greige and pink bat, Chanel showed us a collection in which it seems that Karl has lost bellows. Reminiscent of eighties dresses, tunics and jackets, always framed by belts, they work as a trio, mixing the embroidered tweeds of ribbons, tulle, suede or even silk.

The collection in which everything has a place: jackets with sharp shoulders and narrow sleeves, or with rounded shoulders and wide sleeves; neck official or flush with neck; flexible and straight skirts or Trapeze and pleated; dresses long tube or containers; outlines straight or wraparound volumes that do not fate return again and again to other times of fashion.

Any news on the skirts and dresses with 3D effect, embroidered with sequins or metallic flowers, coated glass, painted circles and overlapping geometric lines. Maybe Karl Lagerfedl need a well deserved break, since this collection is not to what we are accustomed or perhaps a way to convey how the great theatre of the world according to Karl Lagerfeld.