Chanel Offers Auction Fashion At The Best Price

Vintage News From Vienna: Chanel At The Best Price

Coco Chanel made dresses from the stuff of dreams.Until today the brand of stylish elegance and has with a Tweed suit, the small black and the perfume Chanel No. 5 fashion history.

Once a real Chanel costume bestitzen is for many women a dream. This event in Vienna is the absolute madness of the Chanel and a dream for many vintage fashion lovers: Dorotheum-the “Sotherbyy” of Vienna – find tomorrow, most 14.06.2016 the Chanel action instead. There are 160 Chanel costumes, suits, Twinsets and blouses, pants and skirts, but also the great famous accessories such as belts, earrings, bags, and shoes under the hammer.

You know not much about the former owner, only one thing is clear:

It is the estate of a Viennese lady who passionately bought a Chanel for 30 years and wore. She was fan of the brand as the person of Coco Chanel and copied her playfully. It had only parts of the “Karl-era” in 1983, timeless classics and a lot of rarities, and this gigantic collection of fashion treasures is now for sale. Since the sizes is has grown with the owner of the clothes, there are clothes in sizes 32 to 38.

If that comes close to your dream, then it’s good news sure, that you have to stop the event not to partake in Vienna: you can also bid online on the website. Simply register at the Dorotheum and submit your offer (or your offerings).However your offer should be something about the estimated value in most parts, but saying. Considering that parts of the luxury fashion house otherwise already several are worth 1000 euros, can be achieved here still a grandiose price-even if such fashion history is of course still have their money.

And if your wallets straight there is no that it’s also not bad, then make it as we browse simply by the auction offer, enjoy the things, cavil what you don’t like and dream of, what you would afford if you could – online ‘Window shopping’ can be also fun. You will find the Chanel fashion auction in Prozipcodes. By the way, invite many other auctions of the House as to Art Nouveau, to browse and dream…

(Note and text by Silke Ränsch directly ausWien)