Change Its Windows Self

Our tips to choose and change your windows yourself.

Wood, Pvc or Aluminium?


Choose wood windows, tradition, quality, prefer a noble, living material. Window wooden has the big advantage of restore part or all of the frames in unusual shapes, Bull’s eye, rounded windows, asymmetrical. Its appearance is unbeatable in terms of aesthetics. There are many models to standard dimensions.

Another big advantage of the wooden window, you can give it the color you want, which customizes its appearance both inside and outside. Side drawbacks, the wooden window is more expensive than pvc and requires regular maintenance, either at the level of the varnish or at the level of the paint.


The pvc window is the cheapest. The commercial offer is huge but be careful to properly compare the materials, the quality of the glazing, the coefficient of thermal and acoustic insulation, and especially the dimensions, because you will have fewer choices than with wood. Its maintenance is zero, a sponge is enough. As for the aspect, some manufacturers offer color but that you committed over time, not question then change. The pvc window has large thermal and acoustic properties, but aesthetics isn’t always at the rendezvous, the amounts are often important. You can improve its look by changing the standard handles for the cremone and opt for adding small antlers.


Perfect for bringing a contemporary home, the alu is elegant. It goes very well with the facades them stone to lime coatings. The profiles are thin which offers a larger surface of illumination of the room. It lends itself very well to the sliding windows or not.

Of course, it does not rust and requires no maintenance than a sponge from time to time. There is a range of colours. However, its price is equivalent to that of wood, but offer the duration and more. Side insulation, aluminum windows are now equipped with thermal bridge breaking system end to avoid any condensation or water runoff.

Removal of Windows

Before you begin, plan a wooden plate in the dimensions of the opening to seal it in the evening or in your absence. Also be sure to watch the weather, because changing a window in the rain is moderately fun. Equip yourself compellingly of protective gloves.

Degonder wooden window leaves. Watch the frame of door frame (the frame fixed in masonry) and clear the screws of fixation after have stripped them or clear paint. The trick to unlock a screw is hit on his head with a hammer and a nail set and then remove with a screwdriver. In the case where it would be impossible, rip the screw with a grinder. You can then drop the frame.

Installation of the Windows

You have opted for a pvc window. It is protected by blue to remove that when plastic strips. Get when buying a sealant cartridge and make sure that the brackets are well supplied with the window. Place the window in the opening, the easier will be to get help from a second person.

Use a spirit level to check the horizontality and verticality of the door frame. Hold high the window with wooden blocks. Insert the drill of the drill into the holes of the frame, then cross the masonry on 5 cm thick. Inject the sealant product into these holes and inserrez fastening rods. Screw these rods with a screwdriver in hand. Place the doors. Make a seal around the frame of the window .

Achieve the Sealant Around a Window

Remove the damaged tile being careful to wear protective gloves. Clean the inside of the rabbet with an old wood chisel, remove the nails with pliers. Scrape and brush the whole so that the Groove is clean.

Perform alterations of paint if necessary. In the hollow of the rabbet, apply a tiny bit of PuTTY that you have mixed in your hands in advance, or the transparent silicone gasket. Put the glass in place and hold by a few spikes of glazier.

To not break the glass with the hammer, slide a piece of thin cardboard between the tip of Glazier and window and type vertically from all taps. Apply with fingers a pudding of mastic on the depth of the rabbet. With a putty knife, smooth pudding at 45 ° on the entire perimeter of the glass. Remove any excess with the same knife PuTTY.

Ask a Glass Stop

The glass stop is the small wand which is used to hold the glass in place. Easy to implement, it replaces the installation manual, delicate and tedious PuTTY. Generally used the wand quarter round. Measure the inside of the rabbet and subtract three millimeters. Cut the ends of the connector 45 ° using a saw and a miter box. Put a bead of sealant in the bottom of the rabbet. Place the glass and press slightly avoiding the Center to position at the bottom of the rabbet. Place a glass stop and fix it with spikes of glazier.

To not break the glass with the hammer, slide a piece of thin cardboard between the tip of Glazier and the tile and type vertically all taps. Place the other connector by adjusting the angles.

Your Rights and Procedures

Before choosing your Windows, check with your local Council local town planning constraints. Some cities do not allow the pvc, the case of historic towns, for example. Others will charge you proportions, a style of tiles based on the local habitat.

You can benefit from tax credits and income tax deductions if you use windows reducing your energy costs. For this see the budget implementation Bill and check with your Department of taxes.