Changes in The Policy of Updates of The Nexus: Waits Could Increase

Escapes no one that with the arrival of the latest Nexus has been a few changes in the philosophy of Google with regard to its range of devices. It seems that the goal is no longer the create an adjusted price, high performance device to become in the create a top reference range that serves to mark the direction to be followed by other manufacturers.

But changes in the Nexus range also may end up going beyond hardware, since on the page in English of policy updates, to the line when there is an update available, it may take up to two weeks until your device Google him has introduced a new one that says: Depending on your carrier, the update can take more than two weeks to arrive.

At the moment, on the page of support in Spanish We are not with that line, but it could be only a matter of time that stop appearing also. After all, while the Nexus 4 and 5 go unnoticed for the operators, the Nexus 6 already is being offered by Vodafone in Spain.

No, this line Announces no change safe or is the end of the Nexus range. In fact, as much as possible is that Google is only keeping the backs If operators modify the timing of updates of devices they have sold, which doesn’t even have a end why going.