Changes of Body During Pregnancy

That happens to your body during pregnancy.

Be pregnant is something really nice: woman could almost burst with happiness, the mood is great and you are looking forward to the new creature that slowly grows in the stomach. However, this feeling in the closet that will completely change the body during pregnancy eats there. Slowly accumulate more and more weight on the hips and at the end, it feels more like a medium elephant Lady and no longer as the sparkling before beauty expectant mother. You barely recognize themselves.

These things happen to your body during pregnancy:


The stomach needs a counterweight

Changes of Body During Pregnancy

What’s up with that? That belly is getting bigger, is so logical. But the Po? Yes, because to the increasingly difficult growing belly’s needs a counterweight finally. Also the straps stretch in the basin slowly, so that the baby has enough space. Initially, such physical changes during pregnancy are perhaps shocking, but don’t worry: that is all about. To keep your backside beautiful tight, it helps if you continue to easily drives sports. However, you should discuss this with your doctor. Otherwise you can keep you fit with long walks.

Of course, there’s always pregnant women, which put only on the belly. But finally even what has so a nice, round butt…

Sports in pregnancy: that all expectant moms should know

Hi lion’s mane!

Yes this inner light, yes a real rays is said to have the most pregnant women. The hormonal change provides for many women that they get such great hair like shampoo model. The reason: The rise of the hormone progesterone will make sure that the hair change is slow and the hair is longer on the head. There is a flowing mane.

But not only on the head, the hair sprout. It is possible that you feel like the hairy Star Wars hero Chewbacca soon more by the rise of the male hormone testosterone, because everywhere dark hair sprout. Don’t worry: This passes. By the way, a deep, sexy voice is free there.

Unfortunately, not every pregnant woman automatically receives the mega Walle mane. Some pregnant women, the hair is anything but handsome. But also because not despair: tried but some new braided hairstyles on this occasion,