Cheap And Without Run-Time: The Best Data Tariffs For Tablet-Surfer

Are handy and mobile all-rounders: Tablet PCs are the trend. With the boom of mobile devices also the demand for appropriate data rates, to be on the road anytime, anywhere on the Internet. An analysis of the COMPUTER screen and the independent comparison portal Verivox shows: tariff deals with a volume of a gigabyte and a theoretical maximum speed of 7,200 kilobits per second (kbit / s) there for less than ten euros in the month.

Calculator: the lowest data rates for your Tablet-PC

Flexible stay with a short tariff contract
In addition to an annual volume of data it is advisable , to pay attention when choosing the custom tariff on short maturities. Reason: Rising competition of between the provider keeps constantly changing prices for data flat rates. With a monthly terminable charge, remain flexible, can immediately respond to new price offerings and quickly switch the provider. In the image gallery, see the ten currently cheapest data plans for tablet surfers with just one month contract term.

The ten cheapest tablet data rates

10 tariffs now low data rate 1 & 1: Find unlimited data for ten euros per month
With the offer of the provider 1 & 1 you surf 9,99 euro tariff tablet flat currently for effective monthly in the network of vodafone the whole for a period of only one month. The data flat decreases speed down from a gigabyte of data volume. For the average traffic of a normal surfers, this is sufficient. Do you want to surf cheap and unlimited with your mobile hip flask? Then do the comparison with the fare product calculators by COMPUTER BILD and verivox and find the cheapest for you tariff.

All calculator at a glance

Important: Verivox takes into account all within the first 24 months of costs and benefits. This verivox determined to improve comparability the calculated average price per month the effective price.