Cheap Stuff for Home Decoration

Time passes, and there comes a point where you just are getting tired of looking at the same decoration every day. But renovating a space is something that requires planning, time and money and you can not always achieve these three things at the same time.

To help you renew the spirit of the house, we gathered some tips on how to reform your living room with a maximum budget of R$ 1,200. Check it:


One of the first things we think about when we want to change the look of the  house is to start painting. To save the budget, you can even paint your environment by yourself and you’ll need a good paint in the required amount (which we have mentioned before), gloves, brush, paint roller and newspapers to cover the floor and furniture. With a little patience and care, you do not spend more than R$ 300 for renewing the entire room painting.

If your paint is still new, wall stickers are easy to apply and leave an elegant and different environment. Learn step by step.


Renewing the room painting is not feasible for you and try investing in frames. In addition to the feature of simplicity, it is an opportunity to appreciate the work of artists in their regions. You can check out some options of frames online.

If you want to do differently, posters with images, drawings and even album covers what you like also suitable. Just print them on a piece of larger and more resistant paper. There are also stores specializing in posters and posters for decoration.

If you do not want to stick to the wall, there are special adhesives and glues that support the weight of the frames. In whole, decorating your room with pictures is around R$ 250.00.


Lighting fixtures, lamps and new pendants lamps are great options when renovating a room.

The design of luminary with the socket together and its exclusivity can combine with modern or more rustic decorations. Lamps are handmade or with models for table and ceiling, you can look through which online.

Decorative objects

For those who like decorative objects and have unique elements at home, improving the environment with abstract vessels or objects is a great output. You can visit thrift stores and antique shops to find  more affordable items, and the price of the product is given less than R$ 150.

Armchairs, tables and sofas

The sofas and armchairs are great ways to redecorate the house, but to buy a new one or renovate the old one ends up being more expensive. Instead of changing, put blankets on the elegant furniture. The price of a blanket can vary between R$ 110.00 and R$ 450.00.

Already coffee tables can value around R$ 130.00 and you can buy one to decorate the room and house the furnishings.


Cushions are beautiful, practical and they can modify the environment in an economic way. Regardless of the color or pattern of your sofa, colorful pillows or with different patterns are wild and leave a more charming and unique decor.

If you have already had the filling of the cushions, you can buy a set of covers at the price around R $ 30.00. If this is not the case, a kit cushions cost around R $ 100.00 according to

Explore your space

If all these decorations exceed your budget, but you still want to leave your room with fresh air, enjoy the space environment and replace furniture, shelves and place objects. In addition to not spending money, it is a way of reusing everything that you already own and explore new features in the environment. Learn to how to arrange the furniture in a right way to optimize your space.

Following our tips, you can paint the wall (R$ 300) to invest in new frames (R $ 250), lighting (R $ 110), decorative items (R $ 150), cushions (R $ 150), renew the furniture (R $ 240 ) and create a new room to your home for R $ 1,200.00 .

You find affordable design to renew your space with personality and taste by yourself.