Check out What are the Best Brands of Fishing Reels

Buy items of good quality is essential for success in the fishery has. The reel is an important item for many modes and if not chosen correctly can cause damage to the rod and does not provide the desired performance. So you don’t miss in performance, check out what are the best brands of fishing reels!

Saint Plus

The Saint Plus is a brazilian brand which has more than 10 years in the market and which provides all kinds of fishing equipment. Although the Poles be your flagship, she is one of the best brands of fishing reels for offering quality products with excellent cost benefit.

The most basic of spool brand is the Lancer Lady LH, low-profile, with aluminum chassis and bearings 10. Already the model 10000 Twister LH also has graphite chassis, but the reel is made of aluminum, making the item lighter and more efficient.

Marine Sports

Already the Marine Sports is another brazilian brand which operates in offering excellent fishing reels, including options with templates more accessible in your card.

The model Titan Big game SWLH, for example, is ideal for piece of beach, as has resistance to salt water and have corrosion resistant aluminum components. The brand also offers a light and quality spincast.


Daiwa, for your time, is an intermediate tag with cheaper options and other more superior quality. Currently Daiwa is one of the best brands of fishing reels, considered one of the most influential in the world, having been founded in 1955.

One of the main models of the brand, the reel Tátula HSL 100, has a system of eight bearings and an innovative system, aluminum components. Daiwa also has more elaborate options.


Already PENN is the most ideal for deep-sea fishing, as this is the focus of the company. In the market for over 78 years, its products have certifications and quality second to none according to EducationVV.

The fishing reel model Squall 30LWLH brings a light equipment, with good line capacity and system with 3 stainless steel bearings. The bronze gear is highly resistant to corrosion and is therefore ideal for taking to your deep sea fishing.


When it comes to best brands of fishing reels it is impossible not to mention the Shimano. The Japanese company was founded in 1921 and currently produces equipment for many different sports, including fishing.

One of the best models of the brand is the Exsence DC, which ensures precise pitches even at night. The aluminium body resists to different conditions, such as the salt water, and the great advantage is the digital control brake. The system counts with 10 bearings and despite all its features the weight of the piece remains in 240 g.

Abu Garcia

Those looking for the best brands of fishing reels, however, will come across with the Abu Garcia. Also founded in 1921, the brand was born in Sweden and today is one of the largest influenciadoras in the fishing market.

The model PB Revo Rocket-L RV03 RC has an incredible system with 11 ball bearings and high recall rate. In addition to agility in your collection, this reel is very light and has just 191 g, being an ideal option for high-speed modes.

The best brands of fishing reels include both national and imported options and generally include light equipment, with rolling systems efficient and faster payment rate. The top-of-the-line options, for your time, are investments that should be considered by anyone who wants to even better results.

In your opinion, what are the best brands of fishing reels? Tell us in the comments!

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