Children and Wedding

When in when to invitations for your big day is about to be sent out, there is, of course, a number of questions, inter alia, whether in want children to participate in the festivities and, if so, in what form. There are a number of things that are wise to consider, before you decide whether you will have kids with or not.

Married couples clean has become older and older, and many have been living together for a number of years and had children, before they decide to get married. Immediately thinking most, perhaps, that one’s children obviously need with to the wedding, but here it may be a good idea to consider the age of the children. Older children presents no major problems, but young children will often require their parents ‘ attention, and it will of course have an impact on the festivities. It can also be difficult for young children to understand that they must sit still and be quiet during the talks. Have in young children, can possibly choose only to let them participate in the wedding ceremony and perhaps also the reception and then have them cared for by a trusted nanny during the party. On the way they are with the parents ‘ big day, but Dad and mom gets still allowed to enjoy the festivities in full drag. You choose this option, it might be a good idea to get a to be responsible for children under the ecclesiastical Act, so they have someone to turn to. Seems that one’s children also should be allowed to be with at the party, it can also be a good idea to find a nanny to take care of them and entertain them, when they get tired of sitting quietly at the table and to put them to bed in the evening while in celebrations ahead.

Other people’s Children

You choose to invite guests along with their children, you should probably first and foremost, make it clear that a party with children will inevitably be different than a “børnefri” party. Again, of course, plays into how old the kids are and how many people will be invited. Guests with young children will often choose to go home earlier than otherwise, because the kids get tired. At the same time, parents often get upset at the party, because the kids demand attention in one form or another. And finally, we must expect that the kids don’t bother sitting quietly and listening to all the speakers and the many songs which mostly take up a lot for a wedding (see In addition to the parents can learn to watch for when the kids are with, it can also interfere with other guests or wedding couple, if the kids chatting during the talks, will be bored of it and more.

Good advice if the children need to be with

Possibly make sure there’s a nanny whose sole job is to make sure to take care of the kids and entertain them

Please bring different toys and games so the kids have something to do, so they don’t get bored

If there is a possibility of it, you can arrange it so the kids can watch DVDs and then borrow or rent some children’s movies and buy a little candy bags into the kids and make it really cosy

There will be relatively many children of about the same age, one can usefully organize activities such as relay and treasure hunt, where conditions, where the party is held, allow it. In the more expensive end offers several event providers entertainment at the party so e.g. balloon-man, clown and magician (see It is always a hit with kids in pretty much all ages.

It can also be an idea to have a special children’s table, so the children are sitting together, for they will mostly stand up from the table before the adults.

Children are not necessarily just as excited about it as will be served at the party, so you can successfully get created a special children’s menu

Consider whether there is a room or a space where the children can be placed so that parents don’t have to go as soon as the kids get tired.

Most important of all is to remember that there are no right or wrong way to do it, when it comes to children and weddings, so it is entirely up to you what you think will be the best for your party.

There was not invited children to our wedding, it was a complete child-free wedding. It must be said, however, that there were three customers, who were 16, but we do not consider them as being children.

We would like to have a party with the time in which also was supposed to last all night. We would therefore be unhappy, if our customers had to hold back, because they either had their own children, or because there were children present. From our point of view, are a wedding, a party for adults, and therefore it will not be fun for the kids to be with. But at the same time, we have said that the children must participate in the wedding ceremony much like.

It was hard to take the decision about children vs. no children?

It was not a difficult decision to take, because we were aware from the start that this was a party for adults.

How did in purely practical terms – wrote that it was without children/with children in the invitation?

We wrote it is not directly in the invitation, but we wrote the names of the invited guests could see that it was without children.

There have been some negative reactions about your choice?

There has certainly not been negative reactions. On the contrary, there have been some positive reactions, as our friends and family also sees it as an evening where there should be the option to turn it loose without children.

There were no kids invited to the feast in addition completely newborns, but all children were invited to the wedding ceremony (refer to and the reception afterwards.

Justification for your choices?

We chose, as we did when we wanted to have an adult party where we could afford to dance on the tables, and create us as we would. The sultry and crazy atmosphere should not be held down for. children. And so we actually also parents had in mind. We were pretty sure that it would give parents a better experience. In addition, it would have been a 150 person wedding, if we had invited all cousins and cousins, and we didn’t want to.

We had not really finding it hard to take this decision, but we nevertheless discussed the pros and cons. We were very keen that it should be either or. The hardest thing was, when children go from being kids to young people. We had a few pieces of 15 years of age, as we were a little unsure about, but otherwise they were next in line our sibling, who was 21 years. So we put the border there.

We wrote directly the invitee’s name on the invitation. In addition, we also wrote that all children were welcome in the Church and to the reception. We chose inter alia. to keep the reception, since there were so many kids, we had chosen from.

We had no direct feedback in relation to opting out of children. But there are always some who have opinions on whether one has invited the ‘ real ‘, but that we let us not walk on by, as it was supposed to be our day. And it was absolutely perfect as it was. We took it quite right choice for us.

Kids were invited with. I.e. our grandchildren, friends ‘ small children and niece’s child. Older children for a little more distant acquaintances were not invited.

Justification for your choices?

We would of course have our lovely grandchildren with, and people with small children should have the opportunity to come with their children. Rather that they came with children rather than apologies if they could not find childcare.

Not directly. The challenge with having children with turned out, when we had to make Board level. It was hard to make a Board level, where couples without children should not harbour at a table with parents and children, who often goes to and from the table. We considered the first to separate the parents ad, for on the way to spread the kids, but this gave slightly negative reactions. Therefore this we gave up and got broken tables, so those with children primarily sat together.