Choose a Swimsuit Sheathing

The warm weather arrives, the pool, the beach, sunbathing, it’s coming soon! But before that, he must go through the box “choice of Jersey”. For those who have small complexes to hide, why not try the swimsuit sheathing? Pool guide tells you how to choose.

Choose a Swimsuit Sheathing 1 Piece

If your main complex is a slightly rounded belly, opt for a swimsuit sheathing a piece. The secret of these swimsuits is their understudies cleverly worked that maintain the belly like a corset.

The best is to play on the details and colours. For example, choose a swimsuit with a belt or a nice neckline so that the eye focuses on these details. You can also bet on flashy colors, it is scientific, you notice that the originality of the hue! To narrow your size, you can also opt for a swimsuit “draped” effect, guaranteed results!

Choose a Swimsuit Sheathing 2 Pieces

If you have a rounded belly, generous hips, the buttocks and a slim waist, opt for a swimsuit sheathing 2 pieces with panties high way 50s pinup. More and more clothing and swimwear brands rely on the pin-up style and producing components both chic and sexy.

Like the swimsuit sheathing 1 room, Bank on the details to catch the eye. The 2 pieces swimwear, to play on the top. Choose a bra with nodes, a frilly, eccentric patterns, inlaid stones, etc. It has come out of the ordinary! For the bottom, belt and draped effect are also welcome to camouflage the curves.

Where to Find a Swimsuit Sheathing?

For the so-called “standard” sizes, you can find swimwear sheathing quite easily, especially the 2 parts with high panties, very trendy at the moment. Look particularly on the side of the Ezinereligion, for plus size swimwear in the matter.

For larger sizes, french swimsuit manufacturers are still (too) shy to offer beautiful pieces worthy of the name. Ladies, look also at our british friends to find your happiness, they are undoubtedly far ahead of that subject!

To find the swimsuit that fits to your forms, see our article which suit for which morphology?