Choose Sunglasses According to Face Shape

We shoppe!
Hit the “Wayfarer” of Ray Ban, model the ends back slightly on the sides. No way, this is the real must of the time: all the stars, like Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, or Misha Barton, wear them!

Glasses Nicole Richie flies, too much!
In addition, if you have a small head, plain forget: adding round + small face head + glasses flies, may be a too heavy set. In short, totally not harmonious!

Oval face

Your profile morpho:
As Langol sunglasses profiled by Sunglasseswill, you have perfectly oval face. In other words, the curves of your face are similar to those of an egg. The lines of your forehead and Chin meet perfectly. FYI: 80% of the faces are oval.

What need you:
-Side form: Oval faces can afford all forms of glasses. Flies, such as the rectangular glasses eyeglasses, round etc…
Only thing in-say-pen-sand: they must be as wide, or even just a little wider than your face.

-Side mount: Here again, you can make you happy and choose what you please!
Only downside: If you have an oval to elongated trend face, it is advisable to wear glasses to highly visible frames, so what they “cut” the face into two, to create symmetry between the “top” and “bottom” of the face.

We shoppe!
All what we want! “Butterfly”, like “banner” glasses glasses, with flashy mounts or scales… In short, it’s party time!
Only requirement: that their glasses are of quality (tends too often to buy “fancy” glasses whose lenses protect any of the Sun).
The good idea? That the glasses are “labeled” (there is a small sticker on the glasses). You will have the insurance that they filter very nasty UV rays.
Make them more or less dark, according to the sunshine of the place you’re going to attend (they must be for example “very dark” If you go to the mountain; and rather “clear”, if you go to the campaign).

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Although it can be fun, avoids too covering models that could prevent you from tanning… It’s just an aesthetic thing!