Choose the Right Bag for Your Body

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If the accessories are easier to choose the clothes as they are one size, the fact is no less interesting to adapt to the morphology. In the same way that large jewelry are the best effect on large or plump women and fine jewelry are the most pocket, handbags can fit in the same way to a silhouette. Here are some tips for choosing her handbag based on their morphology.

For small

The small women are well advised to opt for a handbag that is not bulky. A bag too big risk to highlight the lack of height of a figure hiding the body. A small therefore prefer the relatively small bags but on the other hand, she can afford all kinds of worn: shoulder, hand, shoulder.

In the evening, small can benefit to carry a clutch bag, small rigid bag that fits in the hand. This will bring a lot of chic and femininity to their outfits without the bag in question seem ridiculously small.

For round

Two schools of thought regarding the luscious women. Some fashionistas recommend buying a bag that is not too large so as to not add bulk. Others recommend the oversize bag since published thinner than it is. Some stars even explain that the optical effect is highly effective: over the bag is large, less the buttocks seem!

Anyway, women with curves in the hips, stomach and buttocks prefer a bag Shoulder or hand. A shoulder bag worn on the hip tends to magnify the silhouette by providing additional volume effect on the lower body. Women with large breasts, however, choose a bag with a shoulder strap or carried by hand to avoid burdening the top of their figure with a bag worn on the shoulder. However, be careful that the shoulder does not cut the breast in half, passing between the two breasts. It’s not very graceful.

Significant size or not?

Women who have marked the size may opt for a bag Shoulder battery that will fall into the hollow of the waist. The bag will not only comfortable to wear in this way, but it also nicely will emphasize the curves of the female figure. For women, in contrast, have no marked size, the bag is a good option because it adds volume to the lower body. They also have an incentive to opt for a bag feminine style dark leather and chic details to bring femininity in their pace.

The shape of the bag

For a well-rounded figure, there’s nothing to balance the forms to wear a rectangular bag, well drawn, the 50s (like the Hermes Kelly or the Lady Dior, for example). Round bags, fluffy and soft (like Paddington Chloe or Lancel BB) will be preferred by thin women who want, instead, bring a touch of roundness and softness to their look. Fur bags are very fashionable this season, however, they are rather difficult to wear for fuller women.