Choose Your New Year’s Eve Dress

Only 5 days left for the new year’s Eve, and it is the perfect time to decide the look that we want to take.Probably this is the outfit that brings us head, and is quite justified.

Not in vain the new year’s Eve is the most elegant of the year night, the opportunity to reinvent yourself to greet a new year and attend a party where the glamour is more usual.

Lo más importante a la hora de vestirte para esa noche tan especial es que tú te sientas cómoda. Es importante que te sientas tú misma al mirarte al espejo, tanto con el vestido como con el maquillaje.

Desde Cosmo, os queremos dar unos cuantos tips para las que todavía no tengáis claro vuestro look y estéis buscando inspiración.

Therefore, we recommend the 50’s-inspired dresses suggested by a2zYellowPages. They are very flattering (especially if you have anchitas hips), and are the ultimate party with much class. From a classic Black and White to floral prints. If you take it with large and bright jewels, the result will surprise you.

The Little black dress will continue to be a safe bet this new year’s Eve. It is a sexy, just need the proper choice of accessories to bring you the elegance you are looking for. Combine it with gold, silver or red accessories. Maxi ring can be perfect to bring light to your look. And, of course, don’t forget your clutch and your heels.

A red dress will be the center of attention. It is risky, so you should take care to not spend with the complements, but is a perfect choice to attract their attention and highlight your figure. Also succeed withdresses in metallic colors, well be gold or silver. Gives a bit of vertigo thinking it, but you may be surprised if you try it. Choice, are an elegant choice.

If not you still have it clear, take a look at the looks of celebrities that we present. Different colors, textures and shapes for one night. Choose which most like and that best adapts to your body. You rustic meets modern with light itself.