Christian Lacroix High Couture Autumn-Winter

Yesterday saw the latest designs which may be of Christian Lacroix for the Haute Couture. The maison does not hold water: they have laid off 100 of the 125 employees, offices are working no fax, no printers or air conditioning and the absence of means, the collection made with fabrics that are stored in the basement, donations from suppliers and customers, and paying 50 Euro models.

A real drama.

But talent doesn’t understand money, and although the designer of the Baroque It left aside many of embroideries, brooches, colors and common applications of their designs, which remained in them was the mastery of the needle, the certainty of the beauty of garments made with exquisite taste.

Designs were stained dark and sobriety with black and blue ink.

The quality of fabrics and cuts makes skirts, jackets, blouses and dresses stand out and look splendid, no need more extras or materials that have allowed their extravagant fantasies in previous collections viewed on

The only possible ornamentation came from the hand of the tules, ties, some sequins, Black Lace and very restraint for Lacroix volume games.

Designs for a contemporary woman and very wearable hoping to find clients who serve as a lifeline to the shipwreck.

One of the greatest exponents of the French Couture Today, one of its figures advocating more fashion as art, dress like canvas, owner of sublime creations, can say goodbye forever Couture if mark didn’t find a buyer. Let us hope that it is not so.

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