Chubby Pregnant

Chubby pregnant by surprise!

She we planned it or seek it, was rather a series of coincidences all together that have made this possible. It will be perhaps that fate so wanted it and put everything in their.I do not believe, Mr E is still assimilating it and is that are pregnant! (well, I rather than the clear).

It is not a good time to bring a child into the world and regarding our current situation we could say even that is the worst possible time (on economic issue refers). However there is, so is a small born from the love of their parents is in my belly and be remove forward as it is. Not so long ago that I know, you not go to think that you have had lured much time, for nothing, I heard super afternoon. Now I realize the blind which was, of how didn’t you realize me to changes that felt my body, but well, I’ve always been a little slow “capturing indirect”…

I notice my chubby, although I have not yet pregnant gut if I see my love handles are more outward (and I thinking about how bad that had carried me this summer that was getting fatter too…). This look is of more or less a week ago whenwe gave him the news of our embarazamiento to the parents of Mr E. They also took it wonderfully and are super happy although therein of being grandparents the more insanely excited is my Mommy, who will be 45 years old grandmother!

Blouse that I have it since a year ago more or less and I just put it me, the reason… a lot is wrinkled to wash it and gives me a laziness ironing… puff! I run out I just look for it.However this time apeteció I get it, that you’re going directly for her and would like to put even if it is in a corner of the closet made a gurruno. I also teach two of my gifts of meets, on the one hand my new OWL that is also a clock, and my letter L for my pandora, gift of my sister with her name engraved on one side.

And nothing else, I think that the things that count for a post are more than enough… one does not announce your pregnancy daily! Until say me, Yes, I’m taking care of and much, dieting, walking every day… Everything is just so my baby come strong and healthy!

A huge besote, thanks in advance for your love, never missing me


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