Classic Camel Coat

If you have a piece that occupies a privileged place among the essential we love, this is the camel coat, a classic full of personality that says elegance on the run, our sophisticated looks Basic, fine our combinations more sensual and makes us look like characters in a French movie. Yes. The camel coat is a magic touch of chiqueza in cotiano.

The camel color was so named because the first mantôs were made with hair of the animal itself, which guarantee a tone just like the desert Critters and a gentle touch and warm. Over the years, the coats went on to win new raw materials, mainly wool, as merino or mohair. Today are produced even with synthetic yarns that retain the look of wool and exactly the same tone of the principle, the charming camel, a delicious misturinha of beige and light brown, a faded caramel smooth whisky, coffee with milk more acidic. Anyway …. a camel.


The details of the coat can vary the taste of every woman: simple or double buttoning, wide or narrow lapels, with knee length or even the feet, turtlenecks or more discrete. What should be noted, always, is the fit. Yes. The models of more crisp, leaner cuts, tend to have a longer life than competitors large-and most fashionable look good too, so I always choose cuts that bypass the silhouette without scoring.

As for combinations, our friend camel coat is very democratic. Of truth. Looks great with jeans, with tailoring, with light dresses, with elongated tricôs, with leather pants and Turtleneck sweaters, and the list is practically endless. Our favorites? With jeans and t-shirt, shirt, striped Breton; with entire look jeans and pumps; with little black dress and heavy boots; with tailoring pants; with knit dresses; with pants or leather dresses; with printed clothes. Oh! Among the coolest shades to match the camel, red/cherry, blue, black, grey, yellow/mustard, nudes, jeans and white (camel and white get too close). Bet!