Clio: Interview with Makeup Artist More Clicked

We see it on Real Time in the program “Clio Make up”. Clio Zammatteo, the make-up artists most clicked and the web’s cutest, is told in this exclusive interview.

Your program “Clio Make up” is enjoying great success … What has changed in you and in your life?

Ha ha! Nothing has changed! Alive and New York and probably have a different perception than what happens in Italy. I continue to do the laundry, Cook … working as a makeup artist. I just hoped the program would be appreciated by those who were following me on the web from both new viewers.

When you come up with the idea of publishing of tutoral on youtube?

In 2008 when I first arrived in New York I enrolled in a school of make-up and i followed the tutorial video of some girls in English. Given that schools for makeup artists are overpriced and, since there were no videos in Italian, I thought I’d share my experience with the girls of my country of origin.

A few longtime fans, there are now so many people following you: How did you manage to get such a broad sounding board?

Mostly through word of mouth. At first it was hard: nobody tried on youtube “trick or make-up”. The first girls who have been following my tutorials have begun to put on makeup according to my recommendations and have turned my name … In short it was a “Tom-Tom” that took me up to the program about Realtime.

You tell us how did your line for doll?

My collaboration with Pupa ended at the end of 2011. She was born as a common desire to do something big, beautiful. When I was offered the project, I wanted to tie it to someone that I loved him and I dedicated it to my two cats, Mimi and Oscar. I love them! They are almost like two kids!Among other things, their palette lent itself very well to the project.

Differences and similarities in make-up between Italians and New Yorkers.

There are a few New Yorkers who are crazy and wear makeup in a creative and whimsical. Are my source of inspiration! In fact, most use natural tones and care a lot about the base. Buy many Foundation, primer and powder. I’m very secure with the facial. In Italy, however, in recent years, especially the youngest, dare more with colors. Are more creative, it indulges more.

In an episode of “Sex & the City”, the main character Carrie Bradshaw had claimed that a New Yorker doesn’t wear never a cover! They are so “snob” women of the Big Apple or they simply taste?

In fact, only some women of Manhattan, and therefore would not ever proposed in the telefilm, stereotypes with a cover on her head! Live in Brooklyn where you can see women with hair curlers! I think that statement is essentially linked to the fiction of the show: in New York people care less the look compared to us. Go even shopping in pajamas or out shopping in overalls.

Have you met the other protagonists of Realtime? There is someone who has affected in a particular way?

Yes, during an event with 1000 invited before he went on the air on my program. In fact, I had no time to talk to them. I met Carla Garrett during a program in which we’re both guests and found it delicious. At the party I exchanged a few jokes with Barbara Gulienetti and was very sweet.

We talk about trends for spring/summer 2012: what will go into the make-up and what will be out?

I think it’s fair to take a cue from tendencies but it is essential to make his own way! Trends come back and come back and, if you browse through fashion magazines to a few years ago, the scales used are still the same. However, for next spring summer I’d suggest green and orange. They won’t go more metallic shades, which were very popular this winter.

One last question: what would you give up don’t ever trick between mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, Foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick?

I just got back from a week at the beach and I never wore makeup! For the return flight, I put the pencil for eyebrows. I also went to my husband and told him: “did you see how I’ve changed simply with a little pencil?!”. And it was true!

Clio thank you for the interview!

Thank you. A kiss Hello.