Clipboard-Shaped Computers Are One of the New Trends

Andrew Cardozo

Updated in 31/03/2011

The tablets were presented to the world at the beginning of 2010 and, with the launch of the IPad, gained strength and promises to be one of the main trends in personal technology for the coming years.


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But after all, what is a tablet and what can you do with it? Check out the following answers to these and other questions about tablets.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is a computer in the form of an electronic clipboard, with no keyboard and touch screen in To have an idea of how it is a, just think of a “giant iPhone”, with screen between 7 and 10 inches. All tablets already come with Wi-Fi connection and some also use 3g connection.

Can I buy a tablet now?

Yes. In Brazil there are two officially distributed models, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Apple IPad. Outside these, there are dozens of “generic” models available on ecommerce websites. The number of large manufacturers tablets available in Brazil should increase in the coming months.

What’s the price?

In Brazil, prices begin in the range of R $1,600. In the United States, the cheaper iPad costs $ $500.

Who manufactures?

For now, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Dell and Asus are some of the most famous names. HP will have your tablet until June 2011.

What can I do with a tablet?

The main focus of the tablets is on Internet access. Web browsing, e-mail and reading and editing simple documents are some of the main activities that can be done with them. In addition, you can watch videos, see photos and listen to music.

Due to the limitations of processing power and interface, it is not feasible to work with heavy programs such as Photoshop or open heavy files from applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Another great appeal from tablets are the applications. These programs allow you to access news and social networking in a more comfortable interface, among other tasks. There are applications for the most diverse functions, ranging from guitar and drum simulators to programs for teaching chemistry and biology. Apple’s IPad is the tablet that has the largest number of applications.

What systems used in tablets?

Right now, it’s basically five. The Microsoft’s bet is Windows 7, which is on some HP and Asus tablet-focused primarily for use in businesses. The second system is Google’s Android, based on Linux. It is on tablets from Motorola, Samsung and Dell, among other manufacturers.

Besides these, there’s the IOS, used on Apple’s iPad. The fourth weight competitor is WebOS. It will be used on HP tablets, which arrive at the market in June of 2011.

The kidney, BlackBerry cell maker, also has a system itself. It is used in the Playbook, tablet arriving in the United States in April of 2011.

In addition to these, there are many variations of the Linux system created by each manufacturer.

are tablets similar to e-readers (digital book readers)?

in size, yes. But the similarities stop there. Tablet screens are colorful and touch-sensitive, while the e-readers are monochrome and do not respond to finger pressure. e-readers serve exclusively to read newspapers, books and magazines, while tablets have other functions.