Clocky Alarm, Alarm Clock with Wheels

If you get up in the morning is still a torture although years have you been trying to discipline, are mine. Spreading of the sheets is really complicated, with the warm that is there inside… But if they are still making junk like this, we have its days numbered.

The Clocky Alarm is an unattractive at first glance alarm clock, but it plays its role perfectly. No press the button of the laziness and continue rubbing. This alarm clock pulling out the table thanks to its wheels (is quilted with a plush or a similar protective material) and moves around the room with the buzzing sound so nice to hear everyone likes to seven o’clock in the morning.

There is no other than get up and pick up the poor machine, which gives their best so we not arrive late to work, class or where you have to go.

On its website, you can sign up for the draw of a Clocky Alarm, and there is also available a video so you can see how it works. Take a look to this gadget because I assure you that it has no waste.