Cold Drink Ever? Bet on This Cooler

The high temperatures are inviting the consumption of ice-cold drinks. It is necessary always to hand a suitable place to put drinks and leave them the right temperature for your seat. The cooler is the ideal equipment to keep your drinks cold and ready for consumption. She has a great inner space that holds up to 350 ml cans 63, i.e. you will have cold drinks whenever you need.

This product is great for a relaxed stroll on the beach to sell drinks and is also a wonderful choice to lead the party of the company. As you can see, the model 48 QT is great for a variety of occasions, fulfilling optimally to your function.

Learn more details about the thermal box

This box is perfect for you a cold drink at any time. The main differences conferred to this box are hinged lid, ecologically correct foam made with material that does not damage the ozone layer, and the handle is extremely sturdy and comfortable.

Another relevant point is that this thermal box Xtreme system Tecnology and Thermozone Insulation system, which gives more stability to the cold temperature of beverages for a period of up to five days at temperatures up to 32° c. As regards dimensions, the cooler has 66 cm long, 37 cm wide and 36 cm in height. The ability of this box is 45.6 liters.

Without a doubt, a cooler of this quality and provenance is an excellent level requested for your day-to-day that keep the cold drinks for several days is one of the main attractions of this thermal box.

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