Collect cards is a hobby

 Many people collect coins or stamps – but you also-conscious that collect some cards? It is so, and antique maps from the 18th century can be worth thousands of euros. So if you find an old map in your basement or in the attic should keep them on well because they could later mean wealth for you. Keep them in a safe place.

Tickets are available for thousands of years. They helped us find places and navigate us through uncharted territory. Some they led even hidden treasures!

Many of us it certainly was not clear that cards can also be collectibles in polyhobbies. Old maps are still in good condition can achieve Euro tens of thousands. Most collectors collect cards from places where they live or who they know well. Some of these cards specially created by cartographers. There are many ways like a card collector can assemble his personal collection.

The prices vary and depend on age, condition, size, and similar aspects. Of course, it also depends on how much the seller on the map depends. Two retailers might have the same card but totally different prices and no price is wrong, because it always depends on the seller from how much he depends on the card.

Perhaps that is collecting cards too expensive. How about trying something else that also deals with cards? Look at even our limited Maps Edition cameras on. Four popular camera models have been selected to be equipped with new colors and cards: the La Sardina Copernicus in powder blue to you a section of the sky while the Diana F + Metropolis , the city of Seattle, home of grunge and the Seattle SuperSonics dedicated.The Diana Mini Latitude and Fisheye 2 Voyager should encourage you to traveling the wide world (and not the Internet).

Which is your favorite?