Collective Design Mexican Returns In Its Second Edition

The past 4 and 5 March returned Mexican design collective with the second edition of the pop-up store that puts in “exits” the best of Mexican design with the intention of encouraging the local market generating that new buyers fall in love is the best Mexican brands.

It was held in the southern part of the city of Mexico in We Work with address in Warsaw 36, in the colonia Juárez.

The first edition of this, an event of rebates that encourages the purchase and sale of domestic products in new markets, allowing the dissemination and generation of fashion and textile industry, took place in December 2016, and with the participation of 30 marks and a little more than 1,900 attendees who enjoyed not only the designer, but also good music pieces Food and beverages and on this occasion was not very different: the best environment to see many brands of clothing, footwear, leather goods, jewelry and even baby products that offered discounts from 20%.

Some of them were 1/8 Takamura, Adrian Vazquez, Arkatha, Audette, Avocet, Ayres, Boyfriend Shirt, Carla Fernández, Cihuah, this is Napoleon, Grimau, Haramara, Homohabilis, Jerarda Lake, Maison Manila, Mancandy, Mitu footwear, ocelot, Stendhal, Unmarket, scroll.

In addition, collective design Mexican surprised us with one of their new partnership with ReUseMe, a project that promotes responsible and conscious consumption and devotes its efforts to the sale and donation of products second-hand is to reduce the cycle of consumption around the world.

A space in which we did not see many brands, but a huge community of Mexican design that once again demonstrate the enormous talent and potential that we have Mexicans in the fashion industry. We can’t wait to see the third edition of Mexican design collective!