Color Block Prom Dress

Color block

A color-block is solid a garment or a dress consisting of two or more colors. The different combinations generate many different styles, they can be bold, direct or cohesive.

Color Block Prom Dress

For me, the color-block is a solid color scheme. It is simply to obtain a perfect result in simplicity.


1. prom dresseswith a solid color with 2 or 3 different shades. For example the combination light red, red and dark red. This option is perfect for beginners in the field even if the result is not extraordinary.

2.prom dresses with 2 or 3 solid colors opposite or similar.

The opposite (complementary) color are two colors directly opposite in the color wheel. For example the purple and yellow or orange and the blue. They allow to create a visual effect strong and fit so very well with women who want to get noticed at the ball.

Analogous colors are colors that are side by side in the wheel. For example the red, orange and yellow. These colors are more cohesive.

3.prom dresses with 2 or more than three solid colors that do not match the previous cases. For example the red, white and blue or white-black combination. The results can be either bold or harmonious colors. Check out red summer dresses on


  1. A color-block is totally composed of solid colors.In the case where there are reasons print,you’d better opt for something else because they destroy the Visual effect generated by the block of color.
  2. The block of color can affect your silhouette.Indeed, a large block of bold colors to your waist makes this part more showy and wide. Do so if you want to highlight your hips.
  3. Several blocks of colors horizontal to reduce your height while blocks of colors vertical of a prom dress makes your figure more slender and thin.

4 separate vertical blocks of colors, you can also opt for blocks of colors diagonal or oblique.


The shoes and bags of neutral color (flesh) or foncé(noir, marron). You can also match your dress shoes and bags block colours. But be aware that this type of matching is often delicate and a bad combination may devalue your overall appearance.

If you want to slightly reduce your block of colors (say that you’re not sufficiently bold)prom dress, the solution is to wear a solid color ball dress and match a cardigan or shawl also solid color.