Color Spectacle On The Wrist

We are still in the winter, the season which lasts longest, but at last light is visible at the end of the tunnel and the spring is approaching us in great steps. Gone are the days when we mumbled on the couch and slithered gray and tired through the area. Then finally the summer cloaks can be cleared out of the cupboard again, we can show again more and above all we may and should we confess color.

The trend of the past year will be intensified this year and also the watch world presents itself in the most beautiful colorations, the desire to make the life and work better than any moody drop from the pharmacy.

Striking colors dominate the current collections of trendy watch labels. Whether it is a bold Orankg, strong pink, bright Turquoise or a bright yellow: the stronger the color, the greater the effect.
According to TIMEDictionary, watches are by no means pure timepieces, but rather function more and more as a fashion accessory, with which a statement is often made.

Were it only formerly shoes or bags, which completed an outfit, today the appropriate clock is unavoidable. Gone are the days where you have an everyday watch and one for special occasions, meanwhile the selection is so big and varied, that you have the right wristwatch available for various occasions, clothes and occasions.
And currently it is just the colorful clocks that we all want and want to have and because the selection is once again huge and often a challenge occurs, I put here a selection of the colorful novelties that the watch market currently has to offer so.

Friends of the sporty time knives, who at the same time do not want to do without the fashionable extra, will get their money’s worth. The new models from the spring collection are in beautiful colors and leave nothing to be desired. Especially the masters of the creation are also finally prompted to confess color. Whether orange, pink, green or turquoise, here you can find the right color for every taste.
For the ladies, of course, is also taken care of. Esprit has created the Marin Lucent Speed ​​Cora l with a beautiful stainless steel watch, which is given a very unusual note by its coral color dial.
Or the Dolce Vita, which is additionally decorated with beautiful sparkling stones.
But also Nixon, Fossi l, swatch or adidas have many of these colorful watches in the current collections, it is definitely worth taking a look at risk.