Companion Sleeping Bag

OK, two words concerning sleeping bags that I use. Are two, both military bags Mummy economic (cost about 40 euro the lightest and the heaviest 70).

The first classified military specifications MIL1, so it’s a +5° Celsius limit (did we mention that military bags do not respond to standard EN 13537), weighs 7 ounces, with hollow fibre padding Hollowfibre 4 24 x 13 cm, and rolled only deals. The measures are the classic: 80 cm wide, 50 cm behind the foot and 215 cm long. I slept in a tent without the foot on the ground, with a fleece, wool socks, hat and underpants Airbed CCF from 1.5 cm at a temperature of 0° C without any problem.

The second is a MIL5, then -10° Celsius temperature limit, weight 1.6 kg, overall dimensions 23 x 40 cm, closed would say about always padding Hollowfiber 4. Classic dimensions too: 80 cm wide, 50 cm behind the foot and 215 cm long. With that I slept with synthetic fleece, pants, underpants, wool socks, wool hat and onto concrete without insulation and in semi open place with -3° C, without any problems.

In summer, generally his converted a simple fleece blanket from 160 x 120 cm, slight and that takes up very little space. In the hammock or tent is perfect, and it is in heat up to about 10° c.

Some personal tips to conclude:

Blanket and sleeping bags in Pimasleepingbags keep them in watertight bags, not in the pockets of compression.This will prevent them from getting wet in rain, snow, falling in torrents, and will allow us to spend a quiet night, a factor critical to our security and our well-being;

If you can, in the morning let the sleeping bag open to dry and arieggiarsi, maybe out flat on the tent or tarp;

When you make the field if there is Sun put the sleeping bag to get warm and dry before going to bed

attention to heat or dry the sleeping bag near the fire: the Sparks will bore easily, and synthetic fibers with heat can pack together and lose by insulating capacity;

If it’s particularly cold take care to be as dry as possible, change your socks with a couple of dry, and wear hat and gloves and avoid breathing inside the sleeping bag so as not to get it wet.

It’s good to take air and sunshine to the sleeping bag, whenever possible!

Well, at this point I think everyone can see the sleeping bag in a more reflective and more aware. If there are any doubts please write, I recommend!