Company Launches ‘Antiflatulence’ Pajamas

This is the slogan of a British manufacturer, who says that his clothes hold odors but do not muffle sounds

The slogan of the British company Shreddies is”peide without fear”. And not to mention: the company claims that it manufactures underwear that holds the natural odors of flatulence and has recently launched a pajama that promises the same result.

The idea, according to the company, is to keep you-and your bed partner or  roommate-happy by wearing the clothes of a fabric made with special technology according to THERIGHTBRAS.COM.

Shreddies says there’s a lot of science behind their clothes. The fabrics of the pajama  pants and jeans launched by the company include a carbon-based material called Zorflex, which holds gases and liquids in one of its layers.

This type of material is often used in special clothing for protection against chemicals and is capable of stopping odors 200 times stronger than the flatus of a normal person. However, Zorflex does not muffle sound.


Shreddies claims that these clothes were created for people who already know they are suffering from flatulence and want to improve their relationships.

Richard Woolley, one of the company’s managers, told the BBC the product was launched after requests from people who needed help.”One of the common themes of feedback we received was the need for something to protect the user while he slept, especially(when he is) in a new relationship, on a work trip or staying at friends’ house,” he said.

By 2008 Shreddies had already released briefs and panties for people with problems like irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis , Crohn’s disease, dyspepsia and colitis. The British company claims that anyone can use their products.”We develop the products for anyone who needs extra reassurance,” Woolley said.