Comparator Reveals Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

São Paulo – The consumer protection association Protest released a tool that has everything to help the consumer in search of good phone plans cell. Considering the various usage profiles A report in The Globe points out that the price difference between the plans Mobile can lead savings of approximately R $ 4,000 per year for those who live in Rio and R $ 5,000 for those who live in São Paulo.

Not a negligible value at all. With this money gives to make small adjustments at home (who does not have a brief retirement to do?), Travel abroad or buy a complete package with the best game, the best TV and a couple of good games – I think this option is the one that will most please the readers our site.

Access the simulator Protest (note: the Protest apparently disabled the link after the flurry of hits).

The our site published comparative data packets with the major carriers in November last year.

The comparison of the association was made ​​based on three consumer profiles: Simple (speaking to a hundred minutes a month), double (900 minutes per month) and family (combined with four telephone lines, 600 minutes to talk to each other and 800 to other phones). There are several details for each type of profile that O Globo shows and website Protestealso explains.

In São Paulo the CTBC has plans more affordable for moderate and frequent profiles. For the group profile figure Hi to plan Hi Family At – Will by R $ 209 monthly. The Hi is the operator that offers the best prices for customers in Rio de Janeiro, no matter the profile. Fair enough, considering that the Hi is a company based in Rio that has always positioned itself aggressively in my homeland.

The Protest also offers tool to customize the consumption profile and thus have the best offer considering information such as number of long-distance calls, sending text messages or periods when more speech.

The association’s data were collected in January, with information from almost 3000 plans six mobile operators in 19 states. They did not consider mobile internet. Of course, since then, the values ​​may have changed. It’s always a challenge to make this type of survey because of the speed with which the telecom industry moves – outburst of who covers the market.

The initiative of Protest is more than welcome. North is for those looking for a mobile operator and does not know what to check plans. Cases aside, however, they should be studied carefully. On my phone everyday use, for example, I speak with other family members who are in another city. Because of this I’m stuck in a carrier that offers so-called “unlimited” on-net, even to another state, for fixed monthly amount.