Competitor WikiLeaks Wins Name and Release Date

Last week I published a post talking about the possibility of creating a new WikiLeaks mainly composed of a group of former members of the site who were unhappy with the way Julian Assange, its founder, was giving it to him. At the time, the creator of the project would not reveal his name or something more concrete than that. Yesterday a Swedish newspaper found that he has been baptized and has a scheduled release date.

Called OpenLeaks, the site should be released next Monday. If they are the owners of the domain, registered in September of that year, it’s likely that just above is used in the project. The most you can now see on the site is a warning of “coming soon”, but they have also tried to create also a Twitter account with the same name and which was established on 5 October.

But different from WikiLeaks, the new site will not publish information received but will allow members of the press to access the document system and publish whatever they want. According to the information from an anonymous source within the site, the purpose of OpenLeaks is “to establish itself as a neutral intermediary, without political goals beyond the dissemination of information to the media, the public and other organizations.”

Upgrade to 17:05 | Looking at the OpenLeaks account followers on Twitter, I discovered one second site of the type being created. Called CrowdLeak, the site seems to be is in flux for a while and was created with the objective of developing an open source tool to assist in the publication of confidential documents. As is usual, it is now accepting donations already have a Twitter account and a Facebook page. But it is unclear whether the site is legitimate and what are the people behind it.