Complete Bathroom Camping

Without d life one of the most important issues in the infrastructure of the camping is even the bathroom. In the current conditions of the campsites of Brazil the camper to see strong reasons to take and assemble your complete bathroom as well as assembles your tent.

Not only in family camping the bathroom can also be important for adventures where not used camping. In this scenario it is clear that if you can give up some items, especially privacy. Anyway we will present all equipment so that you can evaluate and judge which will be relevant to your profile.

Portable Sanitation

The portable Sanitation has greatly reduced size on something for personal use. Works the same as the type “chemical” where using a particular product also used on planes, buses and boats. Can be used for days and didn’t reek some and may be downloaded at appropriate locations at any time or when filling your maximum capacity ranging from 9, 8 l to 20 l about this equipment we have a specific article.

12V portable shower

The portable shower is a great option for those travelling by car. He works with a small 12V pump that is connected in the car lighter powered by the vehicle’s battery. Are several advantages. The first is that he has a small shower with a very thin water diffusion where you can take a shower very good with little water. Another advantage is that you can take a water tank in the trunk without too much trouble or even a little GAL that can be stocked in a river, for example or on tap from camping. There are even water tanks that are “inflatable”, i.e. are bulky when full but they’re waning as the water will running out.

The shower can be installed on your own car or even within specific tents for this purpose. In family camping can be installed with other equipment inside the tent-bathroom. Its disadvantage is that the water is always cold unless you can reheat it in the tank. This is easier to do with a ebulidor heater plugged in the camping, or with one of these on 12V version (in this case, you probably need to keep the engine of the car running during heating).

Solar shower

Another very useful accessory for wild camping, adventure or even familiar. Basically consists of a “bag” that stores the water (10 l to 20 l) whose black absorbs sunlight heating up the water. Works even on cloudy days, but with heating time very long time. Under the Sun heats up much faster.

Its disadvantage is that it will be an ideal shower for each person, if they want to take a shower at the same time. As in camps generally showers late in the afternoon or early evening, after a bath does not have time and not enough light to heat another wave of water. A great advantage is the use several additional, and can use it also to store drinking water or simply to take a bath even more comfort ice cream since it can hang from a tree and direct and quantitate the Jet coMO you want.


The tent-bathroom is just a simple tent to one sobreteto that is taller and thinner. Opposite the common tent designed to lie, this features a dimension to be standing or sitting. There you can use the showers and toilets introduced in this area. It guarantees a total privacy including the option of a space for exchanging clothes with ergonomics more comfortable than a tent shelter. There are models “pop up” or with dockable rods. It’s up to you to evaluate how best to your profile.

Bank Health

Is a very “primitive” but that can work very well with low cost or environmentally correct administration in the use of “container of debris” that we will present below where you can take all the waste back to discard in an appropriate place.

This is an identical stool model “X” for camping and fishing, but without the traditional seat. In his place will a common toilet seat or with reduced dimensions for convenience in transportation. Under the seat is installed a bag that can be specific or even common plastic where all the debris will be collected. It is also used on a hole dug in the ground must be covered with Earth after use. In this case search if this alternative is allowed on the site which will visit and lift the rules to avoid contamination, such as not near water courses.

Waste container

The so-called “Container” is widely used in various places in the world where you can’t leave on the way any kind of debris, such as Everest. All liquid waste (urine) must be stored in “bottles” or the like so that it can be transported without chance to leak and solid wastes stored in plastic bags and accumulated in containers.

The containers can be “manufactured” with a piece of 100 mm tube (common in houses and sewers) with specific caps on each end (caps), glued on the end and secured with rubber (also) on the edge of the top. After the trip may be discarded debris and the container reused after proper cleaning.

As well as in mountaineering, we can proceed with this same technique to respect our nature taking away the debris generated during the expedition, including store and allocate the waste that we generate.

Portable Sink

The portable sink is one of the simplest. With a specific structure supports both a plastic basin as light as a little gallon of tap water.

A more practical this use would be a simpler structure just to the sink, you don’t need to be as strong as the gallon of water would be dismissed. On your own would be used the shower (of the types cited above) as a source of water.


Several configurations of this equipment presented may form your bathroom.

A very complete bathroom would be a specific tent well wide, where it would be installed a shower, washbasin and toilet. The environment could be used also for change of clothes. If the ground is sandy or high degree of permeability, you can dig a hole in the ground long enough for the water to be accumulated until the volume to be used in the sink or bath and then be absorbed by the soil. This way does not encharcaremos the soil next to other camps or places of passage of people. Another tip would be to install a tarp on the ground where it had its edges folded up next to the tent and with just a hole that put the water to this hole or another specific location. So you can even dispense with the use of flip-flop on time use and keeping everything clean and washed with leftover bath water. Finally, the water system mutatis mutandis also might serve to wash utensils.

All this may seem an exaggeration. “Because so much stuff for camping?” Simple answer: it is a hobby like any other passion for sport ends up causing the person walking their specific equipment. The tip is that you are starting and you want to assemble a personal bathroom don’t go buying all at once and yes camp using the bathroom of the camping and evaluate if this is really necessary for you. If Yes, start buying the tent and then evaluating what really would be necessary and practical. Think also that if judge that only the portable chemical toilet is required, this can be used in conventional tent and if anything upset you can dispense with the tent-bathroom.

Marcos Pivari