Copper Chandelier Lighting

A touch of old style, the charm of the copper color that brightens any room: a copper chandelier you conquer the starring role, wherever it is hung. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani. Love your home!

Copper chandelier, style hanging by a thread

When it is evening now, is always the first gesture we do unconsciously when we enter a room: lengthen your hand towards the wall and press the

switch to illuminate all around. And the eye falls right there, on the chandelier hanging right in the Middle, that dominates all the furniture. Needless to say, I mean, the importance of choosing the right chandelier, which is the style of the environment and that makes it even more unique and valuable. And there’s nothing more unique and precious than a copper chandelier. A material unusual nowadays, a beauty that evokes immediately past atmospheres, ancient kitchens with pots worn out and rough wood tables. Now, however, a copper chandelier is the decoration that cannot be missing in homes that are winking at the industrial style, but also to the rustic and country chic.

Copper chandelier, warm reflections

The artisan finish fully manual of copper chandelier, evident in the stranding, hammering and chiselling of every detail, is combined with the most advanced technology of the machinery, to everyday objects that are clothed. The peculiarity of copper chandelier is the ability to tell a story of reflexes, aromas of Grandma’s kitchen, the smell of chestnuts by the fire. And look at the past becomes the most intimate way to experience the contemporary House. A copper chandelier, polished and brushed, becomes arguably the undisputed star of a chic country kitchen: suspended in the Centre of a wooden dining table with chairs decorated in Burlap and a centerpiece filled with seasonal fruits. Perhaps coordinated with copper pans and pots hanging on the hood, just above the stove, just as it was once.

Copper chandelier, country industrial chic

But a copper chandelier is not only of the past. Dark and a bit soiled–not by time but by the skilled hands of artisans and designers–a copper chandelier becomes the perfect accessory for a stay industrial, maybe in a nice loft open space. To coordinate with other lighting in the same style: vintage copper wall light always, metal table lamps, spotlights old-fashioned. Their light refined conquest and gives a touch of elegance to the home. And why not paint the outside of the copper chandelier lead-colored paint, so as to leave only the glittering reflective Interior to an effect of pure sophistication? An ideal choice for those who want to combine more than copper chandeliers in an orderly queue and highly decorative.

Just a simple copper chandelier to bring elegance and style to the rustic kitchen or lounge industrial: get inspired by Hetongdiy. Love your home!