Corset Tee

I love Beth Ditto! Their music is absolutely outrageous, and who ever live show has seen a “gossip”, wonders how can gushing from this little creatures so much energy! Now, Beth is in fashion!

This week is their own plus size fashion in the sale. Of course only for ladies… As a prelude to the start of the collection, there is a special T-Shirt for a few weeks. The “corset tea” is developed in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier – Beth is already running on the catwalk -.

As a mega-fan, I had to simply have the shirt! Thought only “is yes a woman shirt…” but then images of men in the shirts on Beth’s ´ Instagram Account (e.g. by blogger star Perez Hilton) have seen as I, I’ve slammed!

This is of course not an outfit that I would recommend any man – nothing is embarrassing me Yes, but and I don’t, what I like and above all fun! I I look forward to the next party, where the shirt along with my tuxedo jacket and patent leather shoes  can run!

I like the look very much, is of course, a break with various conventions but: WHO CARES!

The rear view is also once again something special… here tying bands are really incorporated into the printed corset.

Here is the image of this corset tee: