Creatine Supplements and Strength Training

Creatine is a supplement often used in weight training. It gives your muscles the quick energy they need to keep high intensity performance full longer and thus more sets of pumping and build more muscle mass. Creatine supplements are sold as monohydrate in powdered form. They can supplement Creatine phosphate in the body to 20%.

What is creatine?

Creatine is an organic nitrogen compound that is generated in a limited extent by the body itself in the kidneys and pancreas. A man in good health 70 kg has about 120 grams of creatine in the body, most of which are in the form of Creatine phosphate present in the muscles. For those who do strength training does not need to fill in the extra fabric. Your body uses 1 to 2 grams per day, which is a typical non-vegetarian diet will get about the same amount of substance per day through nutrition. Do you eat a lot of meat or fish you get even more from the inside. Excess creatine separated again naturally via excretion.

Why is creatine important weight training?

In order to work properly, need your body energy. This applies to anything extra as you do in sports, but also for all the normal day-to-day processes. For this, use your body substance ATP. The energy created when the body breaks down this topic. However, the inventory of ATP in the body is limited. Do you want your muscles maximum effort when you succeed because untrained in this condition just a few seconds. Put your bodybuilding, Powerlifting and other strength training so when you are there for the benefit of having access to the broadest possible ATP. The best way to ensure this is through your body breaking down Creatine phosphate. It’s your muscles, given the rapid energy it needs for maximum effort that ultimately lead to muscle growth. This only affects the high-intensity performance, not on endurance performance.

How creatine is complete?

Complement your creatine from dietary supplement called creatine supplements. People who do a lot of weight training can not do without this process. The amount of Creatine phosphate can be complemented by about 20%. Because some people are by nature have a high creatine levels in your body supplements don’t work for everyone. 160 mmol creatine per kg dry muscle tissue is the highest level. Approximately 20% of the intense athletes already reached this level without extensions. You can see this especially for large carnivores.
Will you be using creatine, you can choose between two regimes. You can either start with a high dose, and then build up or maintain a longer period of time with a low dose and then maintained. Depending on the type of addition that you use will have a Council brochure.
Who is creatine used during the first few days after use, immediately notice that there is weight gain due to fluid retention in the muscles. To prevent dehydration, it is important to drink good with this.It is also important to be vigilant for cramps as a result of disturbances in the water balance.

Powder or liquid?

Most of the dietary supplement Creatine monohydrate available. This is always a powder. It also has creatine supplements in liquid form, but it has never been proven to work, but here.

Commonly used creatine products

Because creatine is a widely used supplement, it is in many shapes and sizes. In many products of creatine is a component, and it also contains other resources that are important for strength athletes such as glutamine, taurine, caffeine, or beta alanine. Are you looking for something where creatine is in, looking particularly for products with the word “clean” in the name. Some of the most popular products are: