Creative Wall Clock Ideas

A creative crafting idea for just creative wall design with a DIY wall clock is our inspiration for you today. Alone the wall clock as Austrahlt sounds maybe not so interesting but the idea for a homemade wall clock out of straw hat will make you probably curious. At least we found fascinating This DIY project and we decided to share it with you. Cool inspiration, we have noticed on the side of Monster circus, represents a fantastic and extremely easy wall decoration that you can build in just a few minutes.

Creative And modern wall decoration with a DIY straw hat wall clock

A straw hat! Why not? Of course, you can use all possible types of cabins for this, if you want to wear them not again. The straw hat is a summer accessory that can get for a reasonable price and as a decoration which gives a touch of warm, summery feeling. You will need to supply for this unusual Austrahlt, is a simple movement that you can find easily online with different pointers.

Craft idea for creative wall clocks

How to assemble your own designer wall clock that are kid friendly? Quite simply in just three steps according to Phoenixwallclocks. First mark the center of the hat, where the spring drive of the movement should be. Then puncture the spring drive through the straw hat from the bottom. If the hat fabric is made, then will need to cut on a small and large according to the form, or the diameter of the spring drive hole. Finally, connect the clock hands to the pen drive and you’re done with your unique wall clock can be used not only as a cool wall decoration for the home, but also as a suitable decoration for the Office. This DIY wall clock is an additional design with little paint, even more special and make it more creative. Also with such a cool Hat watch a your could surprise friends. A creative crafting idea for homemade gift with still and function!