Cree Q5 Flashlight With 500 Lumens

Today’s gadget also stands out for its price, as it usually happens with the articles we talk about in this blog, for its incredible utility. 

Many of the flashlight geeks will have made their eyes shriveled to see that we are talking about a flashlight of no more than 500 lumens: the model Q5 WC Cree. It is a flashlight with an extremely efficient energy use and a very high illumination power. Especially considering that it is now available for less than 4 euros at Banggood, we could not pass up the opportunity to purchase this model and try it on our wording. All our opinions about it, then;)

This flashlight has three different lighting modes: super clear (240 lumen), normal (70 lumen) and flashing light.Also turning the top you can fix the focus at a specific point. The flashlight works with a power of 3.6-4.2 volts, which are achieved through 3 AAA batteries. If you want to get the most out of this gadget it is advisable to use batteries instead of batteries. The entire housing is made of aluminum, which makes it quite light (about 110 grams without batteries). A small flashlight holster is included in the shipment. This is where it is obvious that the items purchased in the Chinese market are becoming better and that these brands are starting to take great care of the details.

One aspect that has perished us very interesting is the proliferation of imitations of this model. Many of them are also marketed under the same name “Cree Q5”, although in fact they are different models. One of the ways to recognize this “trap” is to look at the color of the interior.

This Cree Q5 flashlight is available at

Now, once you have found the right model you are ready. These are my ratings of the Q5:

The price is somewhat higher than other models so you expect a good quality item

The adjustable focus is very practical

17 days shipping (fairly fast)

It has a great power

3 modes of illumination, two of them super useful


Are you looking for a powerful flashlight? This is the most recommended. The light is very clear and the price is unbeatable. We are very happy with this purchase!