Crowd-Sourced Fashion From New York Is The Latest Trend – Fashion In The Digital Age

The company “Continuumfashion” offers a Web application called “Construct” map allows you fast and can create just a specially designed clothes directly in the browser. The new fashion trend is called “Crowd-Sourced Fashion” and offers many interesting opportunities to fashion his own clothes and wear guaranteed unique and personalized on events. The application “Construct” is very easy to use and instantly top designs are perfectly on one even matched.

“Crowd-Sourced Fashion” Is The Latest Trend

We know the crowd-sourced fashion”already partly from T-Shirt sites like Spreadshirt trend which recommended by Users can create their own T-Shirt design and make available to other people. The application construct continues in a few steps. It is now not only possible to print on his T-Shirts with photos and sayings to write to, but you can make whole outfits such as evening or summer dresses with a mouse click and send to.

Take Your Vacation Picture And Make It A Dress

The software that you can get directly in the browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, take for example a holiday photo and uses the structures, colors, shapes and lines and then puts them on the template of the dress. With a few a few simple steps, you can further customize the dress and the design elements and improve. As a next step, choosing the materials to be used for the dress. Here is a small but fine selection available, so guaranteeing finds the suitable material for a. Finally only the size of the dress, again check everything, see the dress in large display, possibly with a few people share or make available to the fashion crowd and order. Two days later you will receive a personalized “crowd-sourced”fashion designer piece sent to home – guaranteed unique and on a coordinated.

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