Crowdfunding Jewels: Nice Flash with the iPhone

Ewenzhou presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with Ember, the nicer flash light for your iPhone, a waterproof external battery, as well as a remote control for your Smartphone.

Ember – Nice Flash with the iPhone

Ember is a shell for the iPhone 5 and 5s 56 LED-lamps are on their back. Together they light up ten times more potent than the LED flash from Apple’s Smartphone and provide a softer, warmer light. Ember works independently from the iPhone, you can freely move the lamp and optimally illuminate as the motive. The installed battery should keep for four hours. Until March 22, 2014, Ember still in black and white is available shipping to preorder on Kickstarter for 79 dollars plus five dollars (approximately 61 euros).

Limefuel Rugged L150XR – Robust External Battery

You need an external battery with which you can survive an adventure? The rugged L150XR of Limefuel has an IP66 certification and is waterproof, shockproof and shatterproof. You recharge two devices simultaneously via the USB ports, the micro-USB connector is used to recharge the lithium-ion battery, which is supposed to last nine to 15 hours. A USB to micro-USB cable included in the delivery, and because over 100,000 dollars together, Limefuel sets still a lightning adapter here. You can support the robust battery still on Kickstarter until March 21, 2014. Kick off shipping for the version with 10.400 mAh at 55 dollars and 25 dollars, if you want the full 15,000 mAh the fun costs $75 plus shipping. Equivalent you pay so between 58 and 73 euro.

Wisebutton – Remote Control for Your Smartphone

The WiseButton is a remote control for your Smartphone, tablet or computer. It works with Android, iOS and Windows phone. With her, it controls the playback of music, videos and image galleries and controlled presentations. The installed battery should need to be recharged only once a month on the micro-USB connector. The range of WiseButton is 20 metres, the connected device is farther away, he sets off alarm. For $35, about 25 euros, and not specifically named shipping, you can pre-order the remote control until March 21, 2014 at Indiegogo. Five colors are available: red, green, blue, yellow and white. In addition you can choose black, silver and gold, then the price increases but to 45 and 70 dollars (gold). For the case and the strap are then not plastic but metal and leather.

The Right Arm – Tablet Holder

“The right Arm” is a very flexible Mount for tablets and notebooks. The arm is adaptable and is attached with a lamp holder on table edges, and the like. The Edition is big enough for 15-inch notebooks. The tablets and notebooks are fastened with a special gel that has vertically up to two kilograms in weight–and that devices such as the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Horizontally, the arm keeps right even more than 6.5 kilograms. 16th March 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. Round shipping – around 91 euro – are $100 and $25 different variants to choose from.

KERO Cable Weight – iPhone Dock

The elegant iPhone dock KERO cable weight is a 165 grams heavier aluminum block with leadership for the lightning cable. You can choose between the silver or black version until March 13, 2014. The dock costs $18 plus $15 shipping – so about 24 euros.