Crown Gear S2 is Smart Watch Easy as Analog

Samsung’s smart clock arrived in better your finished version, even with a new operating system. A pity that the price is not so inviting in Brazil

It took six models for Samsung understand that Yes, what consumers expect from a smart watch in terms of design is caption basically something that resembles the traditional. From 2013, the South held the opposite, creating models that little resembled the predecessor analog. However, the success of some competitors proved that the appearance of watch is important. The good side of this whole story is that Samsung indeed learned a lesson and made the smart watch more similar to a traditional market watch, and this is very positive for the brand and for the user. A pity, however, that the price in Brazil is a little above others in the market.

Crown Gear S2 is Smart Watch Easy as Analog 1

-fragile rubber strap;
-less apps and features that the other platforms;

In favour
-operating system Citizen fairly intuitive;
-beautiful and functional swivel Crown;


There’s no way to talk about the design of the Gear S2 without starting by circular box with a 100% screen. Okay that LG had previously achieved the feat to take full advantage of the circular display, something that Motorola has not yet decided, even in the second generation of the Bike 360. However, with the Gear S2, Samsung went on and brought to the design of your product to Rotary traditional watch Crown, just functional, it is integrated with the operating system Citizen. It may seem something accessory at first glance, but it’s not. In tests of the iG, the Crown proved instrumental for a better experience with the gadget.
Here, tried for weeks the Gear S2 with a grey rubber strap and nearly black, metal box. In the box, two sizes are available: L bracelet, Large, or “Great” in English, and of Small, “Little” in English. Although only a version of box size, the dimensions of the smart watch from Samsung-42, 3×49, 8×11, 4 mm – are quite satisfactory: even in the finest clocks as mine and of other women and men look good. The Classic version, and leather strap Rotary toothed Crown has similar measures is also very beautiful.

Outside, the South Korean has shown interesting options of additional bracelets for both versions. In the case of the model tested by the iG , the Gear S2, it was fairly easy to remove both sides. Just give a slight pull on the black button on the back of each side of the bracelet for her to drop out of the box. However, it is worth remembering that the pieces are delicate and that any act more blunt may damage the rubber. For more that may exist numerous options of bracelets to you change, the idea is keep changing all the time, I imagine. Only if you turn your Gear S2 in a more fashion accessory than smart.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Gear S2 has IP68 certificate, i.e., it is water and dust resistant, is comfortable to wear and lightweight: 47 grams. You can even take a bath with him, for example, as it has protection against long periods of immersion in water and pressure, but is not indicated. Protection is more for you don’t be concerned when you’re washing dishes or hands, or the sweat while doing exercises.

Crown Gear S2 is Smart Watch Easy as Analog 2


With a 1.2-inch circular screen Super AMOLED with resolution 360×360 and 302ppi of density, Gear S2 offers an experience quite satisfactory. The screen size is good, but people with larger fingers may have difficulties. The virtual keyboard that appears as an option for the user to answer messages, for example – Yes, the Citizen offers the user to a virtual keyboard – was a challenge even for me and for my fingers. In this case, you can choose to select between canned responses, which include emojis, or with the help of the voice command feature’s Voice, Samsung’s own, who writes what you say.

With ten levels of brightness and Super AMOLED screen, technology that delivers a darker black, the Gear S2 responds well to the needs of the user inside or outside the home, including clear days. I had no problem seeing my notifications or the same hours on sunny days or cloudy so that become white. In addition, the gadget has an ambient light sensor to “realize” when you need more glare on the screen, and also “let” the accelerometer device that you moved the wrist to check the time, among other uses.

In addition, even in a screen space so small, even the smallest of the icons are defined, no pixels. And for being Super AMOLED, Samsung Gear screen S2 delivers vivid color and contrast. With regard to your smart watch customization, the Gear S2 has some faces, several editable screens, for the user to change anytime. To choose between the preloaded faces just hold on top of current for a few seconds what other options appear. The application already installed on my phone Samsung S2 Gear paired with intelligent clock there are other options available, and the customization can be made whole by the app.

Speaking of customization, if you will buy a Gear S2, do not be surprised with the next smart clock source. Like a Comic Sans, she let the gadget ugly in my opinion. Sounds like a joke, but it’s not: it seems, South Koreans really that Choco fountain Cooky. I’m more traditional changed my face the source for the default. Just go into settings, display and font to change the font and size.

Operating system and resources

The Citizen is nothing new for connoisseurs of Samsung: he has appeared in other watches of the brand and is present in the South Korean smart TVs since the beginning of the year. However, we cannot deny that the system itself still can be considered a good surprise in the Gear S2. This is because, in conjunction with the Crown swivel platform proposes a functional navigation logic much more interesting than the Android Wear, for example. Maybe by the circular format of the gadget or even by the presence of the Crown, the horizontal navigation which respects the roulette layout proved to be much more intuitive than the vertical navigation of the Google platform, present in the vast majority of intelligent watches competitors.

The Citizen works as follows: to the right, the user is the widgets on the platform. Pedometer, calendar, weather, Music Player, heartbeat and calendar are some examples. To delete a widget just stop the finger on the screen on top of it that one less button will appear next to it. To add, simply reaching the end of the Widgets and click the plus sign that appears.

Starting from the face of the watch left the user is notifications: Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook are some of the applications are compatible. In these cases, the user not only is warned with a vibration and with messages on the screen, how can you use the watch itself to respond, once it has microphone. To configure these alerts is necessary to the app Samsung Gear S2, which we will discuss.

The watch face is the starting point of the Citizen experience, but the access to resources of the gadget is right on a second screen, which brings shortcuts to the Voice, voice command service from Samsung already present in cell phones, shortcut for Apps, for a contact saved as favorite for the settings. This is the gateway to the applications available to the Citizen, for example. Several already comes installed.

In the area of applications, the platform follows a navigation even more circular, interconnected with the functional swivel Crown. With the Crown or even with your fingertips the user can select which disk application exploring. A small white dot marks the selected app. Initially, the smart watch comes with two discs, but that number could increase if the user download more.

Samsung S2 Gear and apps

Download new apps is done through application Samsung Gear S2 on your smartphone paired with the smart clock. Although a recent platform and only one manufacturer, until the Citizen has a good number of applications. Of course this number is smaller than exist on Android Wear, still, I evaluated how good the amount available. Games and news apps are examples of content available in the seven categories of the store, in addition to different faces.

Still in the app on your smartphone you can Gear S2 change the appearance of the watch, manage notifications, rearrange the Layout of apps, Send content to the Gear, access the settings and to enable Find my Gear, which allows the user to lock the reactivation of lost or stolen gadget, remotely control the smart watch or simply find it on the mess room.


Unlike smartphones, for which there are applications that help in evaluating hardware, smart watches are a very new category of gadgets and, therefore, your performance is measured by body of work. And in this regard the Gear S2 did very well, with no crashes or gagging during the experience, overheating, of course. Thinking on the settings, it is worth saying that the new smart from Samsung has a Dual core processor 1.0 GHz, 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM, set ever found on phones in a fairly recent past.


The Gear has a large number of sensors S2 that is expected of a smart watch: accelerometer, gyroscope, heartbeat, ambient light and barometer. Coupled to the application’s Health, these sensors help the user to record their daily activities as you would in a smart bracelet, for example. Among the many widgets available in the smart watch are cardiácos rate, pedometer and other movements such as jogging or even water and coffee consumption. In this sense, the only fault that I feel is a more effective sleep monitor. Some smart bracelets available on the market, such as the Mi Band, have more complete and effective records of your night’s sleep than the app’s Health.

Crown Gear S2 is Smart Watch Easy as Analog 3


In terms of connectivity, the Gear S2 also offers what is expected: Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth and NFC 4.1. In general the connection via Bluetooth, which communicates the clock with smartphone, works fine, but sometimes it was necessary to reconnect from the beginning the two equipments. Nothing out of the ordinary, however. I tested the Gear S2 with devices that were not Samsung and I have had no problems. According to the manufacturer, the Citizen is compatible with Android devices 4.4 or above.

For your time, the Wi-Fi is useful to receive notifications and updates to applications when the phone is not around or paired. With Wi-Fi, you can use the smart watch a more independently. Is a connection option when you’re at home or at work.

Already the NFC Samsung put thinking about the future and your mobile payment system, the Samsung Pay. The South Korean’s idea is that you can use the gadget of your wrist to make payments in the future. The company promised the news to 2016, including in Brazil, but knowing the Brazilian system, it’s better to keep expectations low.


With a 250 mAh battery Li-ion, the Gear actually hold S2 two days without you need to upload it again according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Currently, this is the average of the smart watches and less than that the user shouldn’t accept, let’s face it. It’s bad enough having to carry smartphone all night, isn’t it? And as the Bike, Gear 360 S2 has a wireless charging base that must be connected to the energy via a standard charger to function. Apparently, the idea is that you leave the base on the bed next to an outlet and there put your gadget every other night.

Like other smart watches, Gear S2 also warns you when the battery is running low and features including an economic mode in case you are on the street.


When it comes to Samsung, the Gear S2 is arguably the purest model of intelligent brand watch. Despite the bold launched a gadget with an own platform at the moment Android Wear is consolidated, the Samsung did very well, especially because he brought a different OS and with a navigation logic that, in some ways, it’s more natural to wristwatches. And when it comes to competition, South Korea finally has a product to fight with Motorola, LG and Apple.

However, there are important refinements such as clock material, which I thought was very fragile, and improvements in Samsung’s own apps. If you know how to follow the other app stores for mobile devices, the Citizen can be an interesting option, especially because it works well with almost all Androids present in the market today.


Settings:1.2 inch screen Super AMOLED, Circular, 360×360, 302ppi; 1.0 GHz Dual core processor, 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB RAM, Citizen platform for wearable platforms; Audio Codec: MP3/AAC/AAC +/eAAC +, Audio format:MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG; IP68 certified, water resistant and dust; Wi-Fi:802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth and NFC 4.1; Sensors:accelerometer, gyroscope, heartbeat, ambient light, barometer; Wireless charging battery of 250mAh Li-ion.

Dimensions:Gear S2:42, 3×49, 8×11, 4 mm
Weight:47 g

Suggested retail price:Gear S2:R $1,899-S2 Classic: R Gear $2,099