Cruise Collection: the Pomp and Tinsel of Versailles

These days jumped to the press reported that a couple of slippers taffeta, decorated with gauze of Silk Green and pink striped with a big bow in the Center, belonging to the Queen Marie-Antoinette Habsburg, the French monarch Luis XVI spouse, have been auctioned, reaching the astronomical amount of sixty and two thousand four hundred sixty euros.

It is curious, because it was precisely during one month of October, only that two hundred and twenty years ago, when he was taken prisoner and guillotined during the French Revolution. But, despite the passing of the years, the influence of the “Autrichienne” (the Austrian, which in French means also ostrich) as it is disparagingly called in France, continues inspiring artists: from designers, makeup artists y hairdressers, up to great filmmakers.

The campaign Chanel cruise 2013 orchestrated by the great Lagerfeld and interpreted by Cara Delevingne y Saskia de Brauw, It has once again inspired by the magnificence of Versailles and his court, in an era in which the Queen María-Antoinette grew a refined taste for receptions, the decoration and the dresses, admired and recognized throughout the world.

The scenes of the new campaign are developed in a boudoir decorated with Brocade Silk Dorado that you are both the bed and the walls of the Cabinet. The models, very swagger, pose dressed in clothing pleats decorated with frills y lace, with cancans starchy and jackets of Tweed, House brand.

2013 cruise collection: the pomp and tinsel of Versailles seen by Chanel, so the stele of María-Antoinette will not turn off never!