Cuba Guarantees The Style Toilets And Bathrooms. Check Out Models

Piece can become the protagonist of the room

Think of a protagonist of the novel. In addition to being the center of attention, the talented girl chosen to exercise that role needs to be on par with the supporting actors so that the scene stay perfect. In a bathroom or in a powder room, a “charge” is given to cuba, piece that can exalt and ensure a unique style to the room.

Cuba Guarantees The Style Toilets And Bathrooms. Check Out Models

There are many formats, materials, and sizes available on the market, according to anylistintheus. You can use any container, since water resistant, such as cuba. According to the architect Octavio’s Branches, the toilette is the home environment where most people dare. The reason, she says, is simple.

“The toilets are smaller environments with more restricted use visitors, no shower and no steam, and of sojourn. The use of different materials, colors or even more unique is more viable, “explains the professional.

Cuba Guarantees The Style Toilets And Bathrooms 3

Porcelain or earthenware tubs are the most popular in Brazil. The good news is that you can use that kind of play and even innovate. To do this, simply find a format to cuba less usual and bet on the piece, which can appear embedded in a closet or alcove, suspended and installed into a countertop of wood or stone.

In a suite, for example, if there is space and willingness of the residents, you can still opt for a tub for each person. “Out of the commonplace just choose square, rectangular pieces, overlap, (…) There are several options. Another tip is to dare in composition with the taps and metals. There are a variety of high spout, chrome and Matt components “, teaches the Akila architect Motta.

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Beyond imagination

Pails, ceramic or resin utensils, copper bowls and even glass can be transformed into beautiful sinks for your hands. The election of a different can leave even more aware that a common, sold in building materials. “Depending on where it was ‘ rescued ‘ or found, the cost is more accessible and the original environment and modern”, suggests Margaret Musonda.

For the architect Gabriel Negrão, carved tubs are another alternative, though a bit more expensive, because they are solid. “Can be made of porcelain or stone, the way the customer wants. Just measure the environment and encomedar always with a good professional. Stay tuned also to the carriage of that piece. She should arrive at your House in perfect condition, “guides.

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Still over tubs made in stone, Lisete attentive to the choice of care and maintenance. Some professionals, at the request of the client, use silicone-based products to seal the pores of the stone, making it therefore waterproof. “It’s the most porous stones require more attention in this respect, but, in General, are very appropriate”, he adds.