Curvy Is Sexy And Other Berlin Rund(Ung)En

Curvy is sexy, Berlin border encounters, Fashionblogger Cafe… Also day 2 and 3 of my Berlin trip were enriched with interesting and unforgettable encounters and impressions.

But one after the other: on the “curvy is sexy”, I’ve been the only trade fair for labels with plus size cashmere goddess Heike Hillebrecht and the buyers by Peter Hahn. A nice opportunity, catwalk coach Jorge Gonzalez, who was just for a rotation spot, to take in our deficiency. I believe not only Heike Hillebrecht and I have enjoyed this ;-). As the ladies then went to work, I could serve even as a model, since the sample collection of the labels Frapp was fortunately present in my Gr. 42. I can ever tell you that Mrs Hillebrecht and her colleagues have put together a great collection.

No Coverings

The fashion show with curvy models was an interesting contrast program to the shows the day before with the very thin models. I find it so bad that the “classic” models and the Plussize models on the fashion events demonstrate separately-are so diverse as people should be also the fashionable presentation. But designers such as such as Anja Gockel have recognized the signs of the times and offer now also lines for full women. The cuts and fabrics of next season are a tribute to our femininity, from which we can quite wonderful stage our curves. Speaking of which: On my dress from the current Peter Hahn collection I mentioned a couple of times. My summary of this curvy day: Clearly gone are the days where women with format have shrouded their beautiful curves under wide robes. And that’s a good thing

A Joke For A Euro

What would a visit to Berlin without a detour to the KaDeWe… At the gate, a homeless guy asked me for 1 euro. When I gave it to him, he said “Should I reward them with a short joke?” …..” Why do mice drink alcohol? -Because they are afraid of the cat”. This brief encounter has left in me yet.

Training On “Bloggisch”

On day 3 I attended my first Bloggerevent. The organizers have invited in the absolutely iconic bar barbette in Karl-Marx-Allee. As we like to Swabia, I had Überpüntklich time, sucking in the “East”atmosphere. And promptly at a nice older gentleman me said if I would than need help (which by the way happens in Berlin pleasing frequently). He took me with a short ramble through the history surrounding the story pregnant surrounding buildings such as the “Café Moskau”, “Kino International” or just the “bar”barbette, the former cosmetics & hair salon. Once there, I dived into the blogosphere. An illustrious people from all possible Nations that widespread snared his network on such events and inspired the fashion world with their own ideas and creations and participate in platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Calories For The Return Flight

On my way back to the airport, I give me even a mandatory donut “Bostoncreme”. My Berlin trip would not rounded without them (I am not talking now about my hips). In my luggage, all kinds of impressions and many memories. I look forward to the next fashion week in the summer. My Tip: If you already play with the idea of a Berlin travel, placing this possible on the fashion week. Even if you visit no fashion show, so it makes lot of fun to watch the many different types, which appear at the time of course concentrated according to constructmaterials.