Custom T-Shirts For Bars

The custom t-bars can have several purposes in an establishment. They can be personal items, resell as merchandising or as promotional gifts.

The corporate image is important in large companies, but also in small and independent businesses focused on a very specific public, such as Humalove Brewing, a popular Helsinki brewery. With a modern and demanding audience, the printed shirts must be up to standard.

So… how to differentiate yourself from the competition with your personalized t-shirts? The first step is to choose a model from our online t-shirt catalog. You can choose from the most basic shirts to eco-friendly shirts.

Choosing a color other than the classics is another point to consider. Stamping t-shirts for bars in original and different colors will definitely catch your eye. The Sols Regent shirt has one of the most complete color palettes on the market: up to 40 different tones!

Especially if you are dealing with personalized T-shirts to resell or give away, our customers ask us for stamping quality without having to spend a big budget.

With screen printing exceptional results are achieved at low cost, and can be used on almost any type of garment and fabric. That is why it is our star stamping technique when it comes to customizing cheap shirts.

The textile screen printing can stamp text, logos and designs, provided they are on spot. That is, without shadows or gradients. We remind you the limits of inks on t-shirts and textile accessories:

White t-shirts: up to 8 inks.

T-shirts of color: up to 6 inks.

Accessories: up to 4 inks.

For example, these hotel t-shirts have used 3 inks in the front design and 1 ink in the back text.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you want custom t-shirts for pubs!