Cyanogen CEO Predicts The Fall of Apple and Samsung in 5 Years

Cyanogen they seem to doing things well, and if last year already got an interesting impact thanks to its alliance with One Plus, only three days ago they premiered a new partnership with Qualcomm and image to develop software for their Smartphone of reference, which serve as base models from manufacturers who want to use your hardware.

This situation is making that Kirt McMaster, CEO of the company, shows more and more valentonado in their statements. If more than one month ago said that its intention was the get an Android without Google, a few days ago ventured to predict the fall of Apple and Samsung in the coming years.

According to the CEO of Cyanogen, this fall of the current leaders of the telephony market could happen even before five years, and it puts other dizzying declines like Research In Motion (RIM) or Nokia as an example.

In addition, McMaster believes that the relay not LG, Motorola or any other big company, take it but a much more prepared startups to understand local markets and get to influence the dynamics of consumption with proposals with adjusted prices of Blu Products in Latin America or Cherry Mobile in Philippines.

It is clear that the technology sector changes occur rapidly, and that many of the companies that are leading it for years can be finished into oblivion in less singing a rooster. But this is not always the case and We have an example in Facebook, that even though we have spent years listening to forecasts on its fall still remains relentless as leader of its sector.

Yet it would not be more than Samsung and Apple began to have a little care, especially the Koreans, who have to make sure that his change of direction is correct if they don’t want to end up shipwrecked on a reef after the latest problems from its mobile division.