Cyanogen Demonstrates Their Software Innovations for The OnePlus One

The Cyanogen team has also worked with the OnePlus One, not in vain is the first smartphone on the market that is available only with Cyanogenmod without giving option to install AOSP Android or customizations of the manufacturer.

However, We did not know many details about the operating system Cyanogen Inc. has developed specifically for first OnePlus device, although thanks to the microsite for the OnePlus One published the Cyanogen guys finally see the first news.

The interface has been modified to gain simplicity and functionality, and Cyanogen Inc. will include a new theme Manager to completely change the appearance of the terminal, application that allows even mix different elements of each themes (icons, colors, etc.).

It has also developed a new gallery that will synchronize automatically photos that I draw with the OnePlus One our favorite cloud storage services, and can configure Flickr, DropBox, Google + and Facebook in the first version of the application.

Future versions will include more services and a smart automatic organization to bring us images, for example, by date, or location will be added to the Gallery.

If this were little, Cyanogen Inc. also It confirms that it is giving the finishing touches to the camera software, It will be new Bill and will take full advantage of the sensor from Sony.

Report in addition press the device versions that have been distributed media including software development, so we do not do much attention to the possible errors that will be corrected in the already stable firmware that the terminal will be launched.

At the moment, this is all that we know and look very good, are more than eager for a OnePlus One falls in our hands and we can prove it, more with the addition of the software improvements outlets of the most famous of the Android scene kitchen.