Decoration for Small Balcony

The biggest complaint from people who live in an apartment is that they have no backyard or no corner to set up a garden. After all we are in spring, and it is very nice to enjoy sunshine in the morning and the afternoon breeze.

If you fit that profile, let’s solve this issue together. A well-decorated balcony can be part of an answer and give you a little comfort. It doesn’t matter if your balcony is small, there are beautiful decorations to balcony for all sizes.

If your balcony is small, then we start from these. A network fits in every balcony, in addition to being a place of rest. There are a few well-made that even look like decorative objects. So if your balcony is ventilated, you can add these two features: place to rest with decoration. For those who like plants can opt for spider veins that appear in some comics. They are small and very charming.

Some plants are growing very well in these veins. In this case, you can choose plants that don’t have very deep roots, like Purple Tetra, cash-in-hand or Peperômia.

But if you want to feel in a forest, you can cover the wall with climbing plants and make a real living wall, especially if your front door is very hot, This type of arrangement helps a lot to lower the temperature of the environment.

You know those comics that come in a small set of 3? There are many cool objects on balconies, and they often come in three different sizes. You can arrange them together or diagonally, or even distribute them in different walls.

You can also place a larger pot or other decoration on the ground, such as a statue and so on.


For the big verandas, your options are various.

  • You can split into two rooms, one to relax, with a network or a rocking chair, and put a high plant to make the environment more pleasant. This room must be the part which is more ventilated in the balcony.
  • In another room, you can put several different types of plants on the ground, and put up some shelves in different levels to intermediate plants and other decorative items, such as statues, large boxes, figures of animals, etc. A well-decorated table is also extremely charming.
  • Or you can do it in a room by placing a white sofa with some very colorful pillows, a rocking chair, wooden benches and some puffs around a coffee table. You don’t want to miss this balcony.
  • If you have small children, you can use the balcony as a leisure area, a small playground. You can put balancinhos, PVC, carpet puffs which are tasty for the afternoon nap and a small “studio” with paints, papers and pencils of colors for your little artist to paint, so your white wall of the room can escape the fate of being drew.
  • If your balcony is great but you do not have another room to meet friends, you can also make this as a lounge space. Putting a song when you have a Sunday lunch with family around a big table. Lighting a lamp at night and you can even held a small barbecue at weekends

Now you no longer have the complaints. Just enjoy your veranda or balcony!

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