Denim Jackets Spring / Summer 2016

The Spring / Summer 2016 we propose denim jackets for everyone, items in classic shapes and novelties inspired by the most beautiful trend of the season not to be missed. This characteristic type of casual chic outerwear is the heart of all the lines related to the teen style and more, made ​​in bright colors, with applications, prints or the most original mannish forms. We see all the models not to be missed.

The classic denim jackets

The denims are the trend Spring / Summer 2016 that is dominating the successful international fashion system, no wonder then find jackets in many different variants in the new collections.

The most common forms are those who arrive at the waist, made ​​of stretch denim or classic shades of dark blue, light blue or shaded denim. Examples of this type populate proposals Zuiki, Vila, Warehouse, Fornarina, Pepe Jeans London and many others.

The decorated jackets

But one of the most interesting trends of the moment concerns the denim jackets with decorations, applications or prints along the surface. In thecollection of Desigual clothing Spring / Summer 2016 are jackets with colored patches on pockets, shoulders and sleeves, while Stradivarius applies colored writing on the b-side. Floral inserts for House of Holland, multicolor clips for models Asos, tears tailor-made for Miss Sixty , H & M and Zara.

Colored jackets

In addition to the classic blue denim models in varying degrees, in the new summer collections we are also denim jackets in different colors. Topshop complete its proposal for warm weather with light gray models, while Tularosa tip on jackets powder pink more romantic.

White for the innovations signed Noisy May and Waven Petit, ice and powder for jackets Mango and Hilfiger Denim, models often also offered in forms cropped shorter and youth.

The mannish jackets

Another must-have rapidly spread in recent weeks is that of denim jackets in mannish style proposals mainly in oversize shapes that is longer than the hips.Examples of this type make their appearance in Asos collection, in the evident inspiration 90s versions, but also brands like Bershka and Jack Willis is no exception. Liquor & Poker offers jackets in light denim long with big lapels instead of the neck, followed by Whistles and Bohoo that add to their studs creations of character.

Take a look at the pictures of our photo gallery, which denim jacket for you?