Denim Shorts Shades of Blue: Family Time

Family is great… not only the one from which you come (I have to write now ;-)), but also the ones who have “themselves” themselves together.

At least as far as that was possible… thus that with the Zusammensuchen. With the children you have to take what is coming. But on the whole, they are quite well… so far… O 🙂 Furthermore, the saying goes every day anew… Maintaining health… Finally, one can not lease health and has no right to it. But today it is not about the political correctness-I am today only with the outfit-although not even there. According to the u40 rules, the denim shorts are certainly too short…

But today I do not stick to rules (ok otherwise not so real). Today I’m talking about what I normally prefer to keep for me… So please do not take me so seriously-I appreciate the concentrated load Vacation at home is responsible for my mentally confused state, because sometimes, sometimes I would really like to be alone. No consideration for family members who, after five minutes of their family’s time, lie in their hair and argue over the crumbs on the plate or something else is meaningful, while the man seems to have attended some Zen seminar… I’m already bothering my hair Wonder why we made our holiday this year in Whitsun?

The Wet Evil

While the son would always like to drag some technical device through the area, the daughter would like to move to the neighboring horse stable to devote herself to the really important things of life. Sometimes I think she is a cloaked Marlboro cowboy.Only the hate for the shower unites my two children-and then of course it is disputed, who must first face the wet evil in the eye.

The Misty Crow In The Bathroom

After this theme has been fought, the bathroom becomes the wet cell and it can only be entered at your own risk. Through the dense fog that prevails there and various falls on the ground, it is not impossible that I involuntarily put on the ground… Of course, not without loud loud krakelen, that it looks with us as with Flodders and I do not feel like, Here everything and everyone afterwards. What gives the expression Nebelkrähe a whole new meaning.

Underfloor Heating

Best of all, I find that neither the daughter who manages to distribute eyeshadows exactly on the eye, nor the son, who with his football always only to the kreuzeck, are motorized to be able to hang towels on the towel holder… “Mama, I can not do anything for it, they fall down again and again!”, It sounds, of course, again in intimate familiarity. grmpf. But no, the crowbar does not move up… after all, the man has already climbed at least three times over the towels-but why hang up… Finally, we have underfloor heating. No of course not in summer-but that does not matter. What summer?

Denim Shorts-Shades Of Blue

I guess I have to ask the man for the Zen seminar address, or just go back to the office. Otherwise, on the 12th of September (the end of the Bavarian summer holidays), can I put the jacket on the road, if you understand what I mean? I guess that would look really stupid with the light denim blazer. But blue is still a soothing note and that my outfit is again with shorts is, I’m just a bit sorry-hey it is Sahara summer and family is great… Family is great, Faaaaaaaaaadsfjha jkafiusf grmpfl .. Have nen fine Sunday dearest all….