Different Kinds of Baby Carriers

A baby carrier? Have you ever thought about it? What better way to protect baby by keeping it in the palm of your self? To try is to adopt it!

Carrying your baby is essential.

Essential for the contact and the rocking, he feels safe and it can benefit from a smooth transition between the womb and the outside world. The baby can be worn as much as he needs it, he will grow and learn safely.

Essential that parents can build slowly and surely a relationship with their baby. They will learn to know him all the better because they will be in an affective proximity with him.

Carrying your baby: it is essential to do it in a respectful way.

Everyone has the right to maximum comfort.

For the baby carrier listed on Babyinger, this comfort must go with the position called “physiological” or “sitting squatting”: upright, rounded back, head into the center of the body, legs folded “frog”. In this position, the head of the baby stands alone, no need to support head.

All physiological carriers comply with this definition (Carrying scarves, sling, mei-tai, preformed …)

For parents, the comfort comes with wide straps crossed at the back, and a high baby carriage, close and face to face.

The little baby (0-9 months) needs to be in maximum contact with his / her parent: you prefer belly-to-belly portage or portage to the side.

The biggest child will be able to take advantage of all the carrying positions according to his needs: carrying belly, side or back.

Wearing your baby safe:

In all portages, there are some simple rules to remember and apply:

  • The baby (or child) should be worn vertically, in which position it can breathe properly. (Never carry the baby in the lying-down hammock position)
  • The baby (or child) should have the face uncovered and visible (no tissue on the head)
  • The baby (or child) must adopt a sitting position, rounded back, it is then supported (the baby must not be suspended by the diaper)
  • The baby (or child) is always facing the wearer, if the baby needs to see the world, prefer the position on the side or on the back.(Position opposite the world deprecated)
  • Many associations offer portage classes, in case of doubt, you have to go!